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Chapter 2311: Talent Limits

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

Su Mo slowly flew towards Holy Sword Mountain. He did not fly directly to the mountain but stopped at the foot of it.

“Wind Snow City!”

Su Mo stood before the gates of a city and read the three words on the city gates.

This made him confused. What did this city have to do with wind and snow?

However, Su Mo immediately got his answer when he walked into the city.

A cold, sharp breeze blew through the city and snow danced around the area.

Su Mo realized that many of the martial artists in the city had a cold aura to them.

This was an effect brought about by their cultivation way..

Wind Snow City was not bustling with activity but it had a significant population. Su Mo strode through the city and arrived at the foot of Holy Sword Mountain.

Large walls were built at the foot of the mountain, giving it the grandeur of a holy mountain.

Around ten disciples stood as guards below the mountain, each of them carrying long swords that were filled with dense Sword Force.

Su Mo’s heart clenched and he wondered if Ling Chang was at Ultimate Sword Domain. Would it be wrong for him to greet her?

Besides that, Ling Chang would probably not be so conservative as she had been before, when she’d returned to Ultimate Sword Domain, right?

After a moment of thinking, Su Mo walked towards the mountain gates.

“Who are you?”

Before the gates, a yellow-s.h.i.+rted disciple stopped Su Mo and asked.

“I am here to see Supreme Being Ling Chang!” Su Mo cupped his fists and spoke in a low voice.

“See Palace Master Ling Chang?” The yellow-s.h.i.+rted disciple suspiciously surveyed Su Mo.

There were four Sword Palaces of Ultimate Sword Domain, the Wind Snow Sword Palace, Destructive Palace, Zi Xiao Sword Palace and Ling Chang Sword Palace.

The Palace Master of Ling Chang Sword Palace was naturally Supreme Being Ling Chang.

However, Supreme Being Ling Chang had gone missing many years ago but it had turned out that she was still alive and had only returned to Holy Sword Mountain roughly twenty years ago.

This news remained secrete in Ultimate Sword Domain and it wasn’t yet a well known fact.

Yet, the young man actually knew about it and it seemed that he knew Palace Master Ling Chang.

“Tell me your name and I will inform her!” The yellow-s.h.i.+rted disciple said.

“Qingxuan!” Su Mo smiled. He had not said his real name, but Qingxuan’s name would be sufficient to let Ling Chang know that it was him.

“Hold on!”

The yellow-s.h.i.+rted disciple nodded his head before he entered the mountain gates and headed up Holy Sword Mountain.

Su Mo waited patiently as he surveyed Holy Sword Mountain.

There were many buildings erected on the mountain and a large cl.u.s.ter of them were situated at the area of the mountain that looked like the grip of the sword.

A grand heavenly palace was built at the tip of the mountain. Although it wasn’t big, it had heavenly auras.

Su Mo waited for about fifteen minutes before the yellow-s.h.i.+rted disciple returned.

“Come with me!”

The yellow-s.h.i.+rted disciple beckoned as he headed up Holy Sword Mountain. Without delay, Su Mo followed the disciple.

Holy Sword Mountain was tall and large. The yellow-s.h.i.+rted young man swiftly maneuvered his way around the mountain while Su Mo followed closely behind.

A few moments later, Su Mo and the disciple arrived at the top of Holy Sword Mountain.

This was a large circular platform that served as the grip of the sword.

Four Sword Palaces were situated around the platform.

The yellow-s.h.i.+rted disciple led Su Mo into Ling Chang Sword Palace and stopped before a sword paG.o.da.

This was an average three hundred foot tall paG.o.da.

Once the man brought Su Mo before the paG.o.da, he turned and left.

Su Mo stared at the tightly shut doors and frowned. Was Ling Chang inside?

“Come in!”

Right at that moment, a light female voice echoed from within. It was Ling Chang.

With that, the doors of the paG.o.da silently opened.

Su Mo nodded his head and strode into the paG.o.da.

The paG.o.da had five floors and Su Mo followed the stairs in the paG.o.da to arrive at the topmost level.

The highest level was a large cultivation room and Su Mo spotted Ling Chang straightaway.

Ling Chang wore a sea blue long dress. Her appearance had not changed since the last time he’d seen her.

In the cultivation room, Su Mo sat opposite Ling Chang.

“Su Mo, it is a great thing that you are here!” Ling Chang said towards Su Mo, her lips s.h.i.+vering slightly as her voice rang out loud and clear.

She had not expected that Su Mo would meet her so early although she knew that he would come.

As she surveyed Su Mo and saw that he was a low Rank 2 True G.o.d, Ling Chang sighed inwardly.

Su Mo’s cultivation speed was so high, it was comparable to hers.

“You said that I could save Qian Xunyue in Deity Plane!” Su Mo stared directly into Ling Chang’s eyes and said.

Ling Chang fell silent for a long moment before she nodded her head slightly. “With your personality, you should have come prepared!’

“Mm, I heard that Supreme Being Zi Xiao has the ability to revive someone!” Su Mo nodded.

“It is true that he has this ability. However, it is not easy to revive someone and you shouldn’t have too much hope!” Ling Chang sighed.

She was very familiar with Supreme Being Zi Xiao and naturally knew his abilities.

However, the Life and Death Primordial Spirit, along with the Life and Death Rules, may not save every being. After all, Supreme Being Zi Xiao’s cultivation rank and rules were not at the maximum.

Ling Chang wanted to warn Su Mo and prevent him from being too disappointed should Zi Xiao Supreme Being fail.

She also wanted Qian Xunyue to be revived as she was her disciple in the past.

“I understand!”

Su Mo nodded, understanding what Ling Chang meant. Then he cupped his fists and expressed his grat.i.tude with a thanks to Ling Chang.

“There is no need to thank me!”

Ling Chang shook her head slightly as a slight smile tugged at the corner of her lips, “Qian Xunyue is my teacher and I hope that you’ll save her too.”

Su Mo couldn’t help feeling emotional at Ling Chang’s att.i.tude.

At the very least, she had not forgotten her Hong Qingxuan past.

“It has been so many years, why hasn’t your cultivation rank recovered?” Su Mo glanced at Ling Chang, surveying her. He was shocked to find that she was only a Middle Rank 2 True G.o.d.

This far exceeded his expectations. Su Mo had thought that Ling Chang would at least be a Rank 4 or 5 True G.o.d.

“My talents restrict me!” Ling Chang sighed deeply, lamenting herself. Her previous physical body from her original self had been much stronger than her current one.

Ling Chang used to be a favored one, her talents outs.h.i.+ning many others from all over the universe.

However, in this world, her Primordial Spirit was an average Green Lotus Primordial Spirit while her Blood Force was a Pure Yin Body.

Such talents would be considered above average in Firmament World, but they were insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

If she hadn’t been a past Supreme Being, she would never have been able to become a G.o.d with her talents alone.

“Talents?” Su Mo exclaimed. Qing Xuan’s talents were average and it seemed that that had hindered her recovery.

However, Su Mo currently did not have any Primordial Spirits that he could give to her.

“Supreme Being Zi Xiao is currently not in Holy Sword Mountain, wait for him!” Ling Chang said.

“Alright!” Su Mo nodded.

“You practice the way of the sword, and Ultimate Sword Domain is the most reputable sword power in the region. Since you are here, take some time here to take your opportunity.

“Opportunity? Su Mo curiously asked.


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