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Chapter 2487: Teacher?

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

“Exactly!” Su Mo nodded. The Ultimate Supreme Being was right. They could give it a try regardless of Chu Tianxu’s sincerity.

“Chi’er, come meet your saviors. This is the Ultimate Supreme Being, and this is the reputable Su Mo, also known as Qin Yun!” Yu Xuzi spoke. He introduced the the two to his granddaughter Chi’er, so that she could express her grat.i.tude to them.

“I thank you both, my saviors. I don’t know how to return the favor,” Chi’er said in a voice as melodious as a lark’s as she bowed to them obediently, pursing her red lips.

At the same time, her large, soulful eyes observed Su Mo curiously.

She had heard of Qin Yun. His name echoed like thunder in her ears. She knew he was a unbelievably talented person, even more demon-like than the Favored Ones. Everyone in the Deity Plane knew who he was.

“Right!” the Ultimate Supreme Being nodded and observed Chi’er as well. Then, he asked her with a note of surprise, “What blood force runs in her?”

He could feel a special rush of blood force within Chi’er. Its power was strong, definitely one of the top ten blood force physiques of the Archean Special Bodies ranking.

“Senior, Chi’er’s blood force physique is considered as the Paramount Body!” Yu Xuzi said. He did not dare to keep it a secret.

“Paramount Body!” the Ultimate Supreme Being said, slightly surprised. No wonder. She had the Paramount Body, ranked sixth among the blood force physiques.

“Oh?” Su Mo expressed his surprise too. Such a physique was comparable with his Supreme Combat Body Physique.

She actually had such a talent!

“Not bad at all!” the Ultimate Supreme Being nodded, “With a blood force like that, she could become a top genius and have impeccable success in the future!”

“You flatter me, senior!” Chi’er said softly. She might have had great talent, but she could not bear the t.i.tle of a top genius.

“Senior, Chi’er’s blood force physique is strong indeed, but her martial soul is pretty average. Otherwise, I would have sent her to the Eternal Shrine ages ago!” said Yu Xuzi. His granddaughter may have had a strong blood force physique, but her martial soul was quite normal. Compared to other demonic talents, hers was slightly weaker.

Chi’er was still young. He would wait a few years until she had attained the Empty G.o.d Realm, then he would send her to the Eternal Shrine.

“That’s quite a shame!” the Ultimate Supreme Being briefly nodded. Martial souls were predetermined by the heavens. They could not be changed. This was an unquestionable fact.

But, at that thought, the Ultimate Supreme Being peered at Su Mo and thought of something he would not say out loud. He used to think like that in the past, but now his perception had changed.

“Ultimate Palace Master, Su Mo, dear friend! I, Yu Xuzi, once again, can’t thank you enough for saving Chi’er from danger!” Yu Xuzi gave the two another solemn salute. For once, he had really met his true benefactors.

“Senior Yu Xuzi, this isn’t necessary. I’m on good terms with Ling Chang. I do this for her!” Su Mo said with a smile.

“I hope I’ll have a chance to thank her someday!” Yu Xuzi exclaimed.

“Right!” Su Mo nodded.

And then Yu Xuzi groaned again, “Now, since Chi’er has been rescued, I shall bring her back to the Empty Jade Sect. If you two don’t mind, that is.”

“Go ahead!” the Ultimate Supreme Being waved. Later, he would still have to wait for Chu Tianxu’s outcome.

“Brother Su Mo, where do you plan to go?” Chi’er said, her eyes wide open as she gazed intently at Su Mo.

“Me?” he said, stunned for a while, “I’m going to the Dragon Tribe. I’ll be training there from now on!”

“The Dragon Tribe?” Chi’er said. Her eyes lit up with hope. “Can I come with you? I can practice with you too!”

“Er…!” Startled once more, Su Mo looked at her in confusion. Why did this little lady want to follow him?

“Chi’er!” Yu Xuzi lightly called her out. Her request befuddled him too. Next, he apologized to Su Mo, “Su Mo dear friend, Chi’er’s still young. She hasn’t seen the world. Please don’t blame her.”

“It’s nothing. It’s fine if she wants to visit the Dragon Tribe!” Su Mo said, smiling. The little lady had an unbelievable blood force. If she had a chance to be trained up and bestowed with a martial soul, that talent could spike the Favored Ones in an instant.

“Thank you, Brother Su Mo!” she said joyously, and bowed to him again. Then she turned to Yu Xuzi and said playfully, “Grandpa, it’s not safe if I return to the Empty Jade Sect. But by going to the Dragon Tribe, not only will I be safer, I can learn from Brother Su Mo too!”

Of course she was not going to the Dragon Tribe for safety. She wanted to get to know this peerless herculean thought to have shaken the Deity Plane, and whatever unbelievable skills he had. She was filled with endless curiosity.

“This…!” Yu Xuzi hesitated. If Su Mo were the other Favored Ones, he would no doubt have allowed it.

Su Mo may have been more demonic than the other Favored Ones, but that only meant he had more enemies. He was constantly in a precarious state.

“It’s decided then, grandpa!” Chi’er didn’t wait for Yu Xuzi’s response and made the decision herself.

“Aye! Whatever!” Yu Xuzi sighed. It might not be a bad thing, letting Chi’er go with Su Mo to the Dragon Tribe.

Su Mo had help from the Dragon Tribe and the Ultimate Supreme Being. Although he was not on par with Di Yihun and Tuoba Qingyun yet, at least he would not surely die.

Furthermore, Chi’er would be safe among the Dragon Tribe.

“Thanks, grandpa!” Chi’er said, smiling joyously.

“If that’s the case, then I shall leave. You take care of yourself, got it, Chi’er?” Yu Xuzi said and, after saluting the two men with his hands folded and raised at the front, flew out of the lake.

“Senior, I’ll head back to the Dragon City now.” After Yu Xuzi left, Su Mo spoke to the Ultimate Supreme Being. The news that the two of them were out in the open had been made known to Chu Tianxu.

If Chu Tianxu was loyal to Zi Xiao, then Zi Xiao would know and, in turn, the Heavenly Palace would know as well.

By then, perhaps the Palace would send out all its strongmen to capture him, so he would have to leave too.

“Yes, you go first. I have to be mindful of the Heavenly Palace’s next move!” The Ultimate Supreme Being nodded. He had to wait until Chu Tianxu had lured Zi Xiao out of the Heavenly City. The chances were slim, but he could not bear to miss it.

“Then I shall leave first!” Su Mo said in a low voice. Then he called to Chi’er, who was still quite happy about the outcome, “Chi’er, let’s go!”

“Yes, Brother Su Mo!” she responded, and stuck close to him as they flew out of the lake towards the Dragon City.

“Why do you want to follow me?” As the crossed the skies, Su Mo looked at the little lady speechlessly. She was surely much younger than his son.

“Brother Su Mo, you’re so powerful! With you as my instructor, I’ll definitely become even more powerful!” Chi’er said mischievously, her eyes wide open, as she stuck out her little tongue.

“Hehe!” Su Mo shook his head speechlessly. How would he have time to teach others? His orthodox practice was not suitable for them.

“Alright, I’ll teach you when I have time!” Su Mo said helplessly. The little girl was only at the realm of a martial sage at that moment. He could still guide her.

“Thank you, teacher!” Chi’er climbed up the pole and quickly wors.h.i.+ped him. She even called him ‘teacher’.

“Hey, did I say I’d take you as my apprentice?” Su Mo was totally speechless now. This kid was really cheeky and never seemed to run out of tricks!

“You guide me while I train, that means you’re my teacher,” Chi’er slightly raised her fair chin. Her eyes twinkled brightly as she spoke with pride.

“I, Su Mo, have never accepted any students at all. If you want to be my disciple, it will depend on your abilities!” Su Mo chuckled as he teased her.

“Ah! So you’re really willing to take me in?” Chi’er looked at Su Mo as though awestruck. If she could have such a reputable man as her teacher, it would mean so much to her.

“Let’s see how you fare!” he said. With a flick of his mind, he forcefully pulled the girl into his s.p.a.cial device.. Then, he sped up towards the Dragon City.


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