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Chapter 18.2 – This is d.a.m.n fate 2

“Who told you that eye exercises would help make black circles go away?”

“Chief Ning said so. The first part was to make the eye sockets deeper, enlarge the inner eye. The second part would be to raise the nose bridge. The third would be to make your skin bouncy and supple. The fourth part would be to remove the fat from the eyelids, and it gets rid of your eye bags. Chief Ning said that Su Bai did that, so that’s how she became a G.o.ddess.”

Xiao Lin looked at her disdainfully.

“Su Bai did plastic surgery. Do you take everything Chief Ning says as gospel?”

Tang Xiao swore.

She wondered how much money she’d be able to profit if she sold that piece of news to the gossip magazines.

“At least when Chief Ning said you were dumb, I believed it.”

Xiao Lin: …… Your mum.

When it came to signing the contract, Spirit Road’s executive boss personally came out.

When Tang Xiao saw him, she was exceptionally moved.

She really wanted to ask, why! Every time she gets a random piece of equipment, why are they all sh*t!

“Miss Tang, please take a look at the contract. If there’s nothing wrong, please sign.”

Spirit Road’s executive boss was a middle aged man and very professionally, made a secretary pa.s.s a contract to her.

Tang Xiao looked over it briefly, “Did Mu Cheng sign this contract before?”

“Yes, the contents are the same.” The other side answered.

Tang Xiao straight up flipped to the last page and signed her name.

The people in the whole meeting room all were shocked.

Tang Xiao didn’t even look at the contract and signed?

“Miss Tang won’t take a closer look at the contract?”

“No, if Mu Cheng can have such a long contract with you, I believe him.”

“We’ll look forward to working together with Miss Tang.” The executive boss stood up and shook her hands.

When he spoke, he seemed to look through her and looked at her with interest.

He laughed, “When Su Bai signed, she wasn’t as …. Brave as Miss Tang.”

Tang Xiao could only slightly smile.

What did being brave mean!

The secretary brought everyone to another meeting room.

Mu Cheng had arrived earlier and sat with Xia Ziyang near a window.

April’s sunlight was very warm and shone on his profile, it made his whole body look bright and shining.

At least, in Tang Xiao’s heart, he was always this radiant.

His finger brushed past his lip as his face was about to turn around.

His originally expressionless eyes brought warmth as they turned to face her.

When he saw Tang Xiao walk in, he smiled slightly at her and helped her bring a chair closer.

Tang Xiao’s soul flew out again.

There was no way for her to resist against the two words, ‘Mu Cheng’.

Mu Cheng’s voice, his face, his everything.

Xiao Lin saw her mind wandering again and mercilessly pinched her thigh.

Tang Xiao nearly jumped.

“What happened?” Mu Cheng asked.

“Nothing.” She glared at Xiao Lin.

“I just accidentally b.u.mped into the table leg.”

“Nothing’s good.” Mu Cheng’s concern wasn’t too intimate, but had just the right amount of care.

Very quickly, a producer came in and discussed the items that were to be photographed and helped measure Tang Xiao’s three measurements, bust, waist, hip.

Spirit Road’s producer was a total chatterbox, he just kept blabbing about the game, who had a feud with who, who loved who.

These gossip items were things that even Tang Xiao could recite so she just propped her face on her hand and stared at Mu Cheng’s hand, going into a daze again.

“The G.o.ddess statue made in Su Bai’s image, is amazing. I reckon, designer, we can do one of Tang Xiao too.”

The designer across from him was expressionless.

Once the producer began his train of thought, his inspiration couldn’t be stopped.

“I feel like we could do a secret quest, add a Tang Xiao NPC, add a new map …”

The designer silently opened his mouth, “A few days ago, there was a news piece about a designer who was upset with the producer’s request and then stabbed him to death. You …”

“ …. Okay, let’s just talk about proper matters.” The producer s.n.a.t.c.hed in front and spoke naturally.

The proper matters only required 10 minutes, the other matters needed nearly an hour.

When they finalyl decided on the time and contents of the photo shoot, the producer carelessly glanced at Tang Xiao.

“You’re the first person to hear me completely finish. You’ll be popular! You’ll defeinitely get popular! Another day, I’ll take you out for dinner. I only just said why female enchantresses can’t get married, another day, I’ll tell you why support nurses can’t either.”

“How many characters in Spirit Road can’t get married off?” Tang Xiao asked.

The producer thought for a while, his expression solemn.

“I think you can ask, how many characters can get married off in Spirit Road. But there are a lot of players in Spirit Road! We have more than the people that the marriage match makers introduce to me! Another day, if you can’t find a boyfriend …”

The designer couldn’t take it any more and dragged him away.

Tang Xiao suddenly felt guilty towards the GMs.

Every time there was a bad thing that happened in the game, Tang Xiao’s first reaction was to ask the GM.

But now, she realised that with such a producer, the GM’s probably been his scapegoat for a long while!

“Are you going to the training center today?” Mu Cheng asked.

Tang Xiao happily answered, “Going!”

“Ziyang, could you take a.s.sistant Lin back? I’ll take Tang Xiao to the training center.”

Xia Ziyang laughed with an ambiguous look.

Xiao Lin’s face was shocked.

When she hadn’t noticed, her dumb boss Tang Xiao somehow hooked up with Mu Cheng?

She asked in a low voice. “Did you drug Mu Cheng?”

“What kind of joke! I used my personal charms! My personal charms, do you understand! Because of my own charms, I hooked in Mu Cheng.”

Xiao Lin’s expression was like as if she’d just swallowed a fly.

“If you said that you used your stupidity, I’d believe it.”

Tang Xiao copied Chief Ning and raised an eyebrow. “I know, you’re just jealous.”

Xiao Lin: …..

Mu Cheng drove his car to the entrance and Tang Xiao nearly put her hands on her hips and cackled to the sky.

“AHAHAHAHA, I got on Mu Cheng’s car, that’s not far from getting on his bed!” Tang Xiao said c.o.c.kily.

Xia Ziyang, who stood not too far away, choked laughter.

But he couldn’t hold it in before walking a bit far away and laughed so hard his shoulders were shaking.

“You don’t want face.”

“That’s right, I don’t want face.”

Xiao Lin: …..

That phrase was right, if a person didn’t want face, they’d be unequalled under the heavens.

Tang Xiao was truly unequalled.


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