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Chapter 151: Recklessness is the Devil

When Xu Yun finished, there was no reaction of any kind from the Tang Family members. Everyone looked at Xu Yun like he was a freak. To this person who had just joined the Tang Family, his mouth was as though the Tang Family was already his and immediately angry thoughts arose within.

GuoGuo was exceptionally satisfied with this, because in the entire room only she alone was clapping. GuoGuo slowly got up, “What do you mean by this? How can you be so rude? In the future my daddy has to look after you all, what kind of att.i.tude is this?”

Once the word ‘daddy’ came out, not just all of the other members of the Tang Family, even Tang ZhengTian was shocked – this person has a kid?

Tang WanXin and Tang Qun couldn’t help but to chuckle. At first Tang WanXin wanted to look for an opportunity to say this, who would’ve thought that this tiny little girl would actually say it herself without force? Now he wanted to see just how Tang Jiu would handle it.

Xu Yun truly regretted bringing this trouble-maker to JiBei, truly she was causing enough trouble.

“Hahahaha, Xu Yun, nice name!” Tang SanGuo spoke with a laugh, and to Tang ZhengTian he said, “Old brother, this nice niece of mine is truly great – bringing a man back is bad enough, and she even brought back an uncouth type. Is this to even make our Tang Family change its surname? Hmph, if so then I won’t agree. If you can condone an outsider clearly seizing the Tang Family’s family a.s.sets, then I will make my position clear. I won’t seek anything. Give us the locations that ShaoFeng and Tang Yi always took care of, and you can give the rest to whoever!”

Tang YiFei coldly laughed, “Third Uncle, you really can’t let go of breaking up the family? Who said the Tang Family wanted an outsider? It’s not up to an outsider like him to speak. Jiu-mei, by now shouldn’t you give an explanation? I didn’t bring you back from HeDong City because of this man, and everyone can see clear as day what kind of material this guy is. If you’ve thought it through, then say those words you said earlier.”

“Even if I say it several times it’s the same – he is I, Tang Jiu’s man!” Tang Jiu said fiercely.

“Jiu-mei, do you think it’s proper to get a man with a child?!” Always modest in the Tang Family, Tang Long suddenly loudly said, “The Tang Family needs face! I won’t permit anyone defaming the Tang Family!”

Tang ZhenFeng said while blacklined, “Little Jiu, with this alone, I also won’t agree for this man to be taken into the Tang Family! I absolutely won’t permit it!”

Two uncles Tang WanHe and Tang HuaZhong also followed Tang ZhenFeng’s speech and made their positions clear. “On this none of us have any different opinions, if the Little Miss of the Tang Family goes after an uncivilized man with a child, if this was to be known outside, would the Tang Family still have a place in JiBei?!”

The whole crowd indignantly expressed their views, and Tang YiFei coldly laughed inside. There was completely no need for him to say much, naturally others would overrule this man Tang Jiu brought back, but he was very clear that the man Tang Jiu brought back wasn’t simple, so he had prepared Ghost Face Shura.

From top to bottom, the two generations of the Tang Family all showed their points of view, and in the end it seemed they wanted to directly kick Xu Yun out of the Tang Family.

Xu Yun lightly coughed. “Uncles, earlier Tang Jiu perhaps didn’t say it clearly. GuoGuo is my adopted daughter, and Tang Jiu’s sworn sister. Hey, who among you doesn’t have a G.o.ddaughter? Having one isn’t unfair is it?”

These words struck Tang ZhenFeng and Tang SanGuo’s faces – forget about adopted daughters, outside they were even raising adopted grand-daughters.

“That’s right, GuoGuo is my little sister. From now on she is a member of the Tang Family.” Tang Jiu scoffed, “Whoever keeps saying that she is uncivilized or anything like that, is also saying that I, Tang Jiu am also uncivilized. Everyone knows what kind of temper I have, by then don’t blame me for turning around and disowning you.”

Tang ZhengTian lightly laughed and said, “Alright, Jiu, sit down. Your uncles and brothers were all saying that for your own good. That day when I said that if you could bring back someone that was capable of helping the Tang Family, and then I could hand over the Tang Family to you in a.s.surance, now you have already brought the person back. I’m very pleased.”

Tang ZhengTian speaking still carried a lot of weight, when he spoke no one said anything, everyone quietly listened.

“Indeed, Little Jiu brought someone back, but more or less we have to test him right?” Tang ZhenFeng frowned and said, “The Tang Family isn’t a little stall, not something that just anyone can lay claim and then take it.”

Tang Jiu smiled to Tang ZhenFeng and said, “Second Uncle, I know that in your eyes, no one is more capable than my Second brother, but I have to say that Xu Yun is the person I have found. He can help me balance everything, I believe in him.”

Tang YiFei hatefully clenched his teeth, but it was inconvenient to say anything.

“Jiu-mei, I don’t feel that way.” Tang Long spoke, “Everyone can see your Second Brother’s abilities, and we completely can’t see this person’s abilities. Many people have their eyes on the Tang Family’s businesses and want to take them, but it isn’t so easily done.”

“That’s why I believe in Xu Yun”, Tang Jiu firmly said.

Tang YiFei finally couldn’t help but to speak. “Uncle Tang, Jiu-mei intends to surrender the Tang Family to an outsider. I absolutely won’t agree to this.”

The smile always hanging on Tang ZhengTian’s face became serious. “YiFei, I still haven’t died. The Tang Family is in my control, not yours. As long as I sit in this position, there is nothing for you to say. According to my intentions Jiu has found a person that she believes she can rely on, then I have the right to give her the Tang Family.”

Tang ZhengTian’s words directly killed Tang YiFei’s ideas in the cradle. Tang ZhenFeng only needed to glance at Tang ZhengTian’s expression, and knew that on this, he had steeled his heart to choose Tang Jiu for his position. For decades he didn’t dare to defy Tang ZhengTian’s orders, so this time he also chose to give in. He could only wait till the disease was beyond cure within the vitals before speaking again of usurping.

But Tang YiFei couldn’t wait. He didn’t understand the look in his father Tang ZhenFeng’s eyes, and actually angrily stood up and said, “Uncle Tang! It looks to me like you want the Tang Family to be ruined in your hands! It looks to me that you’ve gone stupid from sickness huh?”

In the whole Tang Family from top to bottom, perhaps there had never been a person who had dared to talk like that to Tang ZhengTian.

This great treacherous behavior of Tang YiFei completely shocked everyone in the Tang Family, and Tang WanXin said in a low voice to Tang Qun, “This time Second Brother is really screwed, I’m afraid we should stand on the opposing side in order to protect our future livelihood.”

Tang ZhengTian’s gaze was like lightning, tightly glaring at Tang YiFei. Even though he knew about Tang YiFei’s ambitious wolf-like heart, but he hadn’t thought that he would actually dare to challenge him. Tang ZhengTian had already thought long ago that if he died, then the only one that dared to fight with Tang Jiu would perhaps be him, and perhaps only he would have the ability. Now it seems he was wrong, because Tang YiFei completely couldn’t wait until he was dead.

“Worthy of I, Tang ZhengTian’s nephew, heh heh, and worthy of your father, Tang ZhenFeng’s son.” Tang ZhengTian lightly said, “Bold, ambitious!”

Tang ZhenFeng saw the situation was not good, and quickly said, “Ge, little children don’t understand things. Don’t mind him. When we go back I’ll settle it with him!” With that, Tang ZhenFeng glared viciously at Tang YiFei. “Degenerate thing!”

Tang Long also quickly pulled one on him, reprovingly saying, “Old Second, what’s wrong with you? With those words aren’t you afraid of being expelled by Uncle Tang from the Tang Family!”

Tang YiFei knew he had spoken wrongly, but now he could only clench his teeth and press on. If today he didn’t get the right of inheritance of the Tang Family in his hands, then tomorrow Tang ZhengTian might really take away the power in his hands! By then everything was too late! Even if today he angered Tang ZhengTian till he died, he absolutely wouldn’t let Tang Jiu comfortably receive the position of the Tang Family in her hands.

“If he has the ability then throw me out of the Tang Family!” Tang YiFei became cross – he would have to persist with this path till the end. “How many Tang Family investments are in my hands? Throw me out of the Tang Family? Hmph, I wanna see just who has the ability to take that money back!”

Tang Long’s face shown with the subtle hint of a faint smile, he knew that in the end Tang YiFei wouldn’t be able to hold it in. Earlier he had said those words to remind Tang ZhengTian that such treacherous behavior must be cast out of the family’s door!

“Old Second, do you really think that without you, the Tang Family won’t work?” Tang Long’s expression changed, no longer with the servile feeling from by-gone days towards Tang YiFei. “With your debts, forget about Uncle Tang and Jiu-mei, even I can easily resolve it. Hurry and apologize to Uncle Tang!”

Tang YiFei saw this betrayal of Tang Long faster than flipping open a book, and inside he coldly laughed. Only now could he see clearly Tang Long’s face, all along Tang Long had willingly nested on him was perhaps to wait for a day like this eh?

That’s right, Tang Long waited for such a day. Even though he was honored as the eldest of the fourth generation of the Tang Family, but because he had no father since he was small and always felt that he was unworthy, instead Tang YiFei who was younger than him by a year was regarded as highly as the eldest. No matter what it was, his right for a say was bigger than his own, for no other reason than his father Tang ZhenFeng was still alive!

Once Tang Long knew that he as the eldest was already just a figurehead – he made a plan, a plan that would one day throw Tang YiFei out of the Tang Family. As long as Tang YiFei was expelled, then he would still have a chance to compete. So for these many years, Tang Long always secretly encouraged Tang YiFei to usurp in order to expose him in this moment, and have him beyond redemption!

Tang ZhenFeng naturally already saw through Tang Long’s intentions, and inside angrily cursed him as a son of a b*tch, but with way things were now, the only one capable of protecting his son was him. “YiFei! Kneel! Kneel and apologize to Uncle Tang! Did you forget all of the rules of the Tang Family’s ancestors!”

“Dad, today it’s come to this, there’s no turning back! Today I admit fault, and tomorrow even if I can stay in the Tang Family I will soon have nothing!” Tang YiFei steeled himself, not even listening to his father.

Tang SanGuo coldly laughed. “Tang ZhenFeng, this is the good son that you raised. Wanting to usurp in broad daylight? Quite great ability! Hmph, today I’ll also make myself clear, if he dares to come, then don’t blame me as an uncle for being unkind! ShaoFeng! Tang Yi! If today your Second Brother dares to do anything treacherous, then seize him!”

“Yes!” Tang ShaoFeng and Tang Yi said in unison, they had long searched for a chance to stop Tang YiFei, and today the heavens really gave them face.

Tang Qun and Tang WanXin had no father to give them backing, so they couldn’t stand out. Today they hadn’t thought that the show would be so wonderful. This time, Tang YiFei was too reckless, to actually become ostracized – at first they should’ve joined up to handle that outsider, but who would’ve thought that he would become the target of the crowd.

Xu Yun yawned. At first he thought that this Tang YiFei had a thing or two, who would’ve thought that he was also a tactless fool. Unless he had a trump card, or else today these guys would kick him while he’s down and expel him from the Tang Family.


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