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Chapter 440

His expression changed unpredictably. There was a complicated expression on Long Yi’s face and coldness flashed in his eyes. Subconsciously, he emitted a tyrannical aura, which forced the shopkeeper to retreat repeatedly. The shopkeeper’s forehead was covered with cold sweat as he stared at Long Yi.

After a long time, Long Yi exerted some strength in hand and the slip of paper was turned into ash.

“You can leave.” Long Yi’s tone was indifferent and he was doing his best to suppress his anger. The shopkeeper instantly ran out of the room as if he was relieved of a heavy load on his shoulders. He secretly guessed in his heart that something major must have happened in Soaring Dragon City. There was no other reason which would cause this young master to have such a scary expression on his face. Long Yi looked as though he wanted to eat someone alive.

Sitting down on a sofa. Long Yi circulated his spirit power. His heart slowly calmed down.

The situation in Soaring Dragon City was no longer optimistic. The struggle between the Ximen Clan and Emperor Long Zhan had already begun openly. They were going head to head and they were using every method possible.

Relying on Ha Lei, this secret chess piece, Ximen Nu wiped out quite a few va.s.sals belonging to Long Zhan. The Ximen Clan spared nothing which caused Long Zhan to be utterly helpless.

However, in the next few days, the situation turned around quickly. A number of arrangements made by Ximen Nu were leaked out to Long Zhan in advance, which made Ximen Nu suffer heavy losses. Several secret Skynet strongholds were mercilessly stamped out. Among them included the Beautiful Fragrant House managed by Ruyu. There were more than 200 people who were killed. Other than Qing Wu and Piao Xue, these two girls, everyone was killed. No one knew where Qing Wu and Piao Xue went as their corpses were not seen.

“Long Zhan, Military Advisor… They really have some skills.” Long Yi pulled out a stiff smile on his ominous face. In the next moment, his body emitted a violent aura which crushed everything around him. There was nothing left intact in the room other than Long Yi himself.

When Long Yi emerged from the room, he walked towards the second floor. His creamy white gown was neat and tidy like before, and he had his trademark cheeky smile plastered on his face. He directly pushed opened the door of a private room and saw more than ten magicians inside. He had seen some of them yesterday.

“Lord son-in-law.” Everyone stood up and greeted Long Yi.

Long Yi nodded his head and looked around. There were more than ten magicians which commanded various elements. They had all reached the Master Magician realm

as well. As such, they enjoyed a high position in the Nalan Empire.

These dozen or so magicians introduced themselves. From this, Long Yi learned that the person known as Wei Yaso was the captain of the Nalan Empire’s air defense regiment.

“Now, the Nalan Empire is in chaos. Bandits are running wild, the people are dest.i.tute. Everything is caused by those two idiot princes. If things are allowed to go on like this, the empire would collapse in the near future.” Long Yi thrummed the table as he stared at the group of people in front of him. There was no emotion in his voice when he talked about the fall of the Nalan Empire.

“Lord son-in-law, we are also aware of what is happening. May I ask if Lord son-in-law has any way to save the Nalan Empire? Currently, the reserve troops of the entire empire are a.s.sembled in the neighboring cities. All our defensive fronts are empty. If the beast-men attack us right now, all the other kingdoms and princ.i.p.alities will stage a rebellion. If that happens, the consequences would be too terrible to imagine.” Wei Yasi looked at Long Yi with a hint of expectation. From the way he spoke, Long Yi could tell that his person knew the overall situation of the Nalan Empire better than anyone else.

“It’s not like I don’t have a way to save the Nalan Empire. However, it all depends on your help.” Long Yi indifferently said.

“As long as it can save the empire, I, Wei Yasi, would be willing to die the most horrible death. I would not hesitate to throw myself into the deepest parts of h.e.l.l to save the Nalan Empire.” Wei Yasi spoke with excitement in his voice when he heard that the Nalan Empire could be saved.

“You don’t need to do anything of the sort. Since you all have served Blue Moon City’s army for so many years, you should all have some special connections in the army right? Not to mention the fact that you are all respected magicians.” A strange light glimmered in Long Yi’s eyes. It seemed as though he already had a plan.

“I don’t dare to exaggerate, but in the entire army, I, Wei Yasi, can influence some people. From generals to small soldiers, my words would be somewhat useful.” Wei Yasi said.

“That’s good. Okay, I will ask all of you a question. Who is the best candidate to take over the throne? Who should be the emperor of the Nalan Empire?”  Long Yi asked.

The moment he asked the question, the entire room became silent. Nalan Wuji only had two sons. However, both of them were good-for-nothing. If they were to ascend the throne, it would not be long before the Nalan Empire fell.



All of a sudden, an earth magician broke the silence, “If a woman can ascend the throne, I feel that Princess Ruyue is the best candidate.”

The moment the words left his mouth, the group went into an uproar.

Long Yi broke into a magnificent smile and he signaled for everyone to quiet down. Eventually, he said, “This brother is right. Who can say that women can’t take the place of an emperor? As long as an emperor can make the empire rich and strong, they would be a good emperor. It doesn’t matter if the emperor is a man or a woman.”

Whatever Long Yi said made the crowd unable to respond. When they heard him, the group of magicians all felt as though Long Yi wanted Nalan Ruyue to take the place of the emperor. How was this possible? They had never heard of a woman becoming an emperor in the entire history of the Blue Waves Continent.

“Make the choice. Do you want to become slaves which don’t belong to any country? Or do you want to have a wise emperor? Does it really matter if the emperor is a man or a woman?” How could Long Yi not understand what they were thinking? He quickly questioned them in order to get their thinking back on track.

Everyone suddenly became silent. Yes, all of them wanted a stable empire. What was there to care about whether the emperor was a man or a woman? In any case, they were all legitimate descendants of the imperial family.

“I agree.” Wei Yasi was the first person to agree. The moment he agreed, a domino effect was created. The other magicians agreed in succession.

“Very good. All of you will witness the birth of the first Empress in the entire Blue Wave Continent. Moreover, all of you will be known as the heroes who helped to establish the first generation empress.” Long Yi said with a smile.

When they heard what Long Yi said, everyone was excited. They started to imagine the future. Now, the entire Nalan Empire was in chaos and the two princes were hopeless trashes. As such, it wasn’t impossible for them to see the birth of the first empress in history.

“Lord son-in-law, you should tell us what to do. I, Wei Yasi, am prepared to contribute myself to the Nalan Empire.” Wei Yasi stood up and slapped his thin and weak chest with his voice full of vigor. If it was not for that magic robe and frail body, people might have thought that the one speaking was a tough warrior.

“As a matter of fact, it is very simple. All of you just need to……” Long Yi smiled and started giving them instructions. It was not easy to eat a piece of fat meat

fat meat in these troubled times.


After the magicians ate and drank to their heart’s content, Long Yi left the Bright Moon Restaurant. He thought about looking for the Holy Priest Karen in order to discuss some things. Even though he disdained the Light Church, he was unable to change the position of the Light Church in the Blue Wave Continent. If the Light Church were to support Nalan Ruyue’s ascension, things would be much easier.

With this in his mind, Long Yi turned around and flew towards the Light Church.

Pa.s.sing by the red-light district of Blue Moon City, Long Yi recalled Mu Hanyan from them Emerald Mist Pavilion. He subconsciously looked downwards towards the Emerald Mist Pavillion. He happened to see a shadow which disappeared from the backyard of the Emerald Mist Pavillion. At the same time, the blood-red skull mark in the center of Long Yi’s left palm vibrated.

Long Yi’s heart shook. After Long Two was placed inside this blood-colored skull mark to fix itself, it had lost the ability to sense dark aura. However, it was able to recover its ability at this moment. However, Long Yi was more surprised at the fact that the dark aura he had sensed didn’t disappear together with the shadow. Instead, Long Yi was able to sense the direction of the dark aura.

“Imperial Palace!” Long Yi’s eyes flashed when he sensed that the dark aura had entered the imperial palace. However, there wasn’t any more reaction from the blood-red mark. It seemed as though the dark aura stopped moving after it entered the imperial palace.

“Could it be Lafaer? Why did that old fellow run over to the Emerald Mist Pavilion?” Long Yi was confused in his heart. However, he didn’t think too much about it. Now, he was eager to know what changes had occurred with the blood colored skull.

Opening his left palm, Long Yi saw that the blood-colored skull was emitting red ripples. He used his spirit to sense the insides of the mark and felt a powerful dark aura. He could sense that the powerful dark aura had already taken shape inside the dark dimensional s.p.a.ce.

“Big brother.” A stiff call suddenly resounded in Long Yi’s sea of consciousness.

Long Yi suddenly trembled as if he was electrocuted. In the next moment, he was wild with joy. It was Long Two! After waiting for so long, this fellow finally recovered.

Looking at the backyard of Mu Hanyan adorned with various kind of magic lamps, Long Yi suppressed the doubts in his heart. He started to fly towards a remote beach somewhere in Blue Moon City.

Setting up a barrier, Long Yi started inspecting the blood-colored skull mark. With a thought, the mark emitted a black light and a figure who was a head taller than Long Yi
than Long Yi appeared. The figure was covered by a layer of black mist.

When the black mist in front of the figure disappeared, Long Yi had his eyes wide open. Was this fellow in front of him the Long Two he knew?

He saw that Long Two was wearing a black bone armor. Compared to before, this bone armor was different. This armor was a thick layer that completely enveloped Long Two. Currently, Long Yi was unable to see Long Two’s skeleton. When he looked closely at the bone armor covering Long Two, he could see that there were purple colored mysterious patterns on the armor. Closely looking at the patterns, it resembled the pattern on the three dragon horns which belonged to the Three Headed Demonic Dragon.

Above Long Two’s terrifying skull, there was a helmet-like object. His entire face was covered with a layer of black membrane. Only his eyes, that were glimmering with red light, could be seen

What surprised Long Yi was, the six bony outgrowth on Long Two’s back had become much thicker than before. Their pointed ends emitted faint purple radiance and a violent dark power was hidden within them. In addition, Long Two looked as though he was a Demon G.o.d when he held the blood-red Death Scythe in his hand.

“Long Two, good boy. Why on earth are you looking at me like this? Don’t think that by changing into new clothes you will look more handsome.” Long Yi sized up Long Two and happily punched his breastplate.

Long Two’s eyes glimmered with red light and he asked in a stiff voice, “Big brother, what is handsome?”

Long Yi rolled his eyes and he was too lazy to explain to Long Two. Although Long Two had consciousness, his IQ was equivalent to a 3-4-year-old child at best.

“Big Brother, I missed you.” Long Two walked two step forward and the red light in his eyes became brighter. Long Yi could vaguely sense admiration from him.

Long Yi was startled before patting Long Two’s shoulder. He said with a smile, “Big Brother also missed you.”

The starlight was still brilliant. At this moment, Long Yi was lying on the sandy beach staring into the starry sky. While looking at those shooting stars streaking across the night sky, Long Yi started thinking about many things. As for Long Two, he copied what Long Yi did. Lying on the sandy beach, Long Two remained motionless. He who had just gained consciousness treated Long Yi as his everything. Without Long Yi, he might not have reached his current state.

“Long Two, what do you think about the relation between Lafaer and Mu Hanyan?” Long Yi muttered.

Long Two’s eyes glimmered. The question was too difficult for him and he didn’t know how to reply Long Yi.


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