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Chapter 285

Taylor fumed a bit as he remembered something irritating, “Actually I really hate that company because Martha too is influenced by her friends and is building a customized Manor that is unique just like them for the Hope restaurant . Though they have done good service for us however how can I as a minister live in such luxury? That Company is now targeting rich businessmen here and n.o.bles in other countries . Previously, they also got a big order from Blue Paradise to build Manor like stores in cities . Arrgh, why am I feeling irritated . “

John thought as he heard Taylor, ‘It seems Taylor quite hates splas.h.i.+ng money . It’s okay as long as he doesn’t hate the rich as well indiscriminately . ‘

John laughed a bit and spoke, “So it was a new company and an ambitious group of people that bought such change in our domain, Good . You must support that company since they will bring in gold and influence trade with other countries and also change Sky slowly with their success and inspire other people . Taylor, it is okay to live in luxury as long as it is doc.u.mented income and you pay the taxes accordingly . You can’t be too frugal or your colleagues might become uncomfortable when they are spending . Taylor, by the way, who got that idea on using Elves designers and High-grade Earth Magicians?”

John thought as he heard Taylor, ‘It seems change Is already happening in our domain and people are improving Sky day by day . It is good that I built Inst.i.tutes so people get educated and become more innovative . ‘

Taylor smiled this time and spoke, “From what I know, the founder Elsid of this company i . e . Dream Construction works was previously a slave . Currently, he is still studying at the Rose Inst.i.tute . It seems he was always thinking of ways to earn money so he could help his family and that is when he got this idea when he saw the road project being carried out in the city inefficiently . So he along with 2 earth magicians from his cla.s.s and a group of children from big Merchant households at the inst.i.tute founded this company . At the start, they used to take small orders from commoners and small businessmen for remodeling houses and only later on when the fathers of those Merchants took a look at their company that they decided to fund this company for their children to learn the business . As for the Elves, it was only recently that they employed them . It was actually a group of escorts from Princess Emena’s group who wanted to take a look and earn some money when the company of those brats incorporated the Elves at the advice of that kid after looking at the designer works of Blue Paradise and clothes of the Elves . From what I know, that brat put in quite an effort to get those elves and had given Princess Emena a 22 Percent stake in their company for collaboration . Currently, Princess Emena is going to bring in a whole new bunch of Elves from Ayananore and they include Famous Designers as well as low-level Nature Magicians to build personalized gardens for rich here by her own company . After this successful venture by those brats, it seems she plans to make a Professional designer company after looking at the companies who approached her escort team for designing their products after hearing the success story of those brats . Though I hate those brats I cannot deny that they have bought good changes to Sky . Aah, I almost forgot, It seems Princess Emena wanted to have a meeting with you . And according to the instructions, Lord Endo is transferred here in Mainland . He is currently under house arrest under Grey’s men . However, he is able to send letters to his family and isn’t restricted . “

John nodded as he thought, ‘Endo huh, Lets wait for Plato and his men to arrive . As for this new construction company, they are Quite Innovative and have bought a good change in Sky . I hope this continues as this will help in the development of Sky . Maybe I should ask them to remodel our Palace and Parliament at our new Capital Golden Spring City and also at the Misty Valley the capital of Aurora state . I can’t have our administrative headquarters and important departments pale in front of other businesses like Blue Paradise and Dream Construction Works . ‘

At this time there was a knock on John’s office as both John and Taylor stopped their conversation as they saw that it was already time for John’s appointment with the head researcher Will and other businessmen .

John smiled and spoke, “It seems we were quite grossed in administrative matters that we forgot the time . Head researcher Will, please come in . “

After Opening the Door Will came in with a group of men who had official matters to discuss .

John dismissed Taylor for later, “Taylor, you can go for now, You should come back later on after completing your official duties for the appointment of ministers and other duties . The distribution of some portfolios will take quite some time . Later on, bring in the reports of the NSB and Our Media Companies for evaluation of various departments . ” Taylor nodded as he left immediately after handing over some related doc.u.ments to John’s new secretary, Quill who was a Devil . It seems Devils who were hidden previously in Aelius and other countries had started to Migrate and appear openly at Sky after the successful formation of Sky as a Kingdom and watching the policies and good atmosphere at Sky . It was only later known that Quill was a Devil by John because of his acute senses .

John turned to Will and spoke, “Researcher Will and others, Please come in . We will start the official talks immediately . “

John’s secretary Quill brought the snacks along with official doc.u.ments that Will had sent to John earlier . John immediately scanned the doc.u.ments and understood the developments . Meanwhile, Quill took a notepad to make some memos of official discussions .

After the formal Greetings, Will immediately got to the point and introduced one of his middle-aged colleagues, He had Black- whitish hair and seemed a scholarly person who would mostly be engaged in research, “Your Majesty, This here is Mark . We previously worked at Imperial city . He moved here under my influence before the war . Another reason was because of his lack of funding and inappropriate work which some n.o.bles forced him to do . Currently, he is currently working at North-frontier times and also is a student at Rose Inst.i.tute as he required some resources of the inst.i.tute to conduct his experiments . He has invented something which may interest you as he plans to launch it for auction later on . He was quite reserved previously so he has consulted me . Mark, bring that thing out . “

Mark nodded as he offered his greetings and brought out a newspaper of 2 days back and gave it to John .

As soon as John took the newspaper he was quite shocked after watching it because the pictures in the newspaper were moving as if it was in a movie in his previous life . After 30 seconds, the pictures stopped moving after depicting the events related to the news . The same was observed in other news columns that had pictures . This also explained the events in detail to the consumers .


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