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Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Eight – Sonic Lightning Walnut

“How is it?” Gongsun Cha looked into the room, and then sat next to Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo shook his head. “I don’t know. She has been seriously wounded before, not just this once. It is a miracle that she is alive right now.” He had some admiration for her. When he had inspected the female, he had been stunned by the dense layers of hidden wounds inside her body. Was this woman like Wei Sheng Shixiong, and also a battle maniac?

“It would be better if she looked prettier.” Gongsun Cha smacked his lips.

Zuo Mo was slightly surprised. “Do you want to find a female xiu?”

“No, that’s not it,” Gongsun Cha explained, his face serious. “To be easy on the eyes.”

“Tell me, what’s so good about women? Why does everyone like them?” Zuo Mo recalled the paper crane female’s “illusory formation” that made blood rise.

“Shixiong, you don’t know this?” Gongsun Cha looked in disbelief at Zuo Mo. Gongsun Cha covered his forehead and sighed. He then adjusted his att.i.tude to that of an experienced person, and began to lecture Zuo Mo in a heavy voice, “Shixiong, I may not be as good as you in cultivation. But if we are talking about the understanding of women, this little brother has a little bit of skill.”

Zuo Mo’s mind became alert. He hurriedly said, “Tell me.”

“Women, the most important part is beauty, beauty like jade, voice like the wind, with a tantalizing fragrance that one cannot pull themselves away.” Gongsun Cha’s face was intoxicated, but he quickly said in a heavy voice, “But, Shixiong, you have to remember, you should just look at women. My master said that you can only look at women, but cannot touch them. We shall just look at them.”

“Oh, so it’s like that,” Zuo Mo nodded, still confused.

“It really is wonderful to meet someone from Sky Moon Jie.” Gongsun Cha sighed, “There is only the three of us. It’s better to have one more person.”

Zuo Mo was silent as he thought of previous matters. After a while, he asked, “Where’s Cheng Shidi?”

“Where else could he be? He’s always at the beast pool. Soon, he will accomplish his goal and cultivate into a ling beast. Hee hee,” Gongsun Cha mocked.

“It’s good as long as he likes it.” It might have been the string of occurrences recently, but Zuo Mo had a much more open perspective on many matters.

“En.” Gongsun Cha nodded. It would not be outrageous to say that their situation was a precarious one. They might have won a few victories, but these hundred something people could not rank up there in the entire Little Mountain Jie.

What they were doing right now, was it not what they liked? The deepest impression he had after learning how to command was that he had wasted his days before.

He suddenly thought of an urgent matter. “Shixiong, where do you think this yao army came from?”

“Came from?” Zuo Mo was stilled, struck silent by Gongsun Cha’s question. He thought and said, “Probably Sky Water Jie, Little Mountain Jie only has two jie rivers, they could only have come from Sky Water Jie.”

Gongsun Cha’s handsome face was full of worry. “But if they came from Sky Water Jie, would the yao army have let go of Clear Sky Sect? When we were at Desolate Wood Reef, they didn’t even say a thing before attacking.”

That was right. If the yao army really came into Little Mountain Jie from Sky Water Jie, any power that would have been guarding the jie river would have been destroyed. Zuo Mo didn’t believe that the yao army would make an exception for Clear Sky Sect.

“Maybe Clear Sky Sect had captured the jie river entrance after the yao army pa.s.sed?” Zuo Mo thought of a possibility.

“I had asked Xie Shan and the others, but the Clear Sky Sect has always guarded that place,” Gongsun Cha said.

Zuo Mo felt a wave of cold seep up from the bottom of his feet. “Is there another entrance to Little Mountain Jie?”

“I don’t know.” Gongsun Cha shook his head.


This question was extremely important. Zuo Mo immediately went to find Pu Yao.

Pu Yao said in a deep voice, “The yao army should have entered from a chaos rift.”

“Chaos rift? What is that?”

“Each jie would have several entrances. The most frequently seen are the jie rivers. But other than those pa.s.sageways, there usually would be some very small rifts, these are chaos rifts. However, most jie masters, after they have taken control of the jie, would find these chaos rifts and seal them to prevent others from taking advantage of them.” Pu Yao was very familiar with this kind of knowledge.

“Are there many chaos rifts?” Zuo Mo ‘s expression was slightly ugly. If it really was a chaos rift, then that meant the yao army could appear at any time.

“I don’t know,” Pu Yao said, “each jie is different. However, there is one point. The reason that chaos rifts have the appellation of chaos is that the laws inside the rifts are chaotic and non-existent. The higher the level of cultivator, the greater the effect it has on them. Little Mountain jie is one of the smallest kinds of jie. If it really has a chaos rift, it probably could only allow ningmai xiuzhe to pa.s.s through. Yaomo will be similarity constrained.”

Hearing this Zuo Mo was completely certain the yao army had entered Little Mountain Jie from a chaos rift. He had found it strange before that the yao army’s average cultivation had not been high despite the organization it showed. The individual strength had been comparable to ningmai. So it was not that they did not want to send experts, but they could not send them.

“How do you find a chaos rift? Can we block it off?” Zuo Mo asked with fear in his voice. A danger that was known but could not be seen was the easiest ones to cause terror.

“The surroundings of a chaos rift will usually have some attributes. Due to chaos, chaos which is not divided into yin and yang, not into the five elements. There would not be any earth energy, nor ling power. Xiu, yao, and mo will all be suppressed under chaos. Oh, it would also be empty and barren. No beast can survive in the area around a chaos rift, there will be no plants or animals, nothing living,” Pu Yao streamed on. At the end, he added, “There are also some secret methods that can detect them, but I don’t know them.”


Zuo Mo left the sea of consciousness. He narrated what Pu Yao had said.

Gongsun Cha was very calm. This answer was not far from his own speculations. He only asked a question, “Is the area around the chaos rift suitable for ambush?”

“Theoretically, it is very suitable.” Pu Yao responded of his own initiative. However, he could only speak to Zuo Mo, “But tell him to end the thought. Even the most exhausted lion is not one sheep can defeat. What he commands are the sheep of the sheep.”

Zuo Mo was speechless. However, he still tactfully pa.s.sed on Pu Yao’s words.

Gongsun Cha’s expression was slightly ugly, but he also knew this was the truth. He was very clear about what the people under his command were like. Even though they had formed the beginnings of an army under his training, but it was far from being able to compete with a fully mature army like the yao army.

Zuo Mo also had no solutions for this problem.

However, this also increased the determination of the two people to quickly defeat Clear Sky Sect’s blockade. That was the only ray of hope for survival.

“Is there any news of yin fiend grounds?” Zuo Mo asked. The power of the yin fire bead was greater than he had imagined. Such a big monster as the b.l.o.o.d.y Horn Serpent had been turned to dust upon impact. It really was out of Zuo Mo’s expectations, and increased his desire to find yin fiend lands.

The strength of fifth-grade ling beasts were on the same level as jindan. Even though the b.l.o.o.d.y horn serpent was only semi-fifth-level, but a power that could kill it would have some effect on a jindan.

Gongsun Cha was also clear about the power of the yin fire bead, and had been extremely attentive to this matter. He said, “Nothing yet, but I will focus on it. Right, after getting rid of Venerable Chi’s bunch, we got something good.”

“What something good?” Zuo Mo’s mind became alert as he asked.

“A maturing fourth-grade Sonic Lightning Walnut tree. The fruit is almost mature. Venerable Chi had been guarding it all this time, but it landed in our hands,” Gongsun Cha smiled shyly.

“Sonic Lightning Walnut! Fourth-grade!” Zuo Mo’s eyes widened as he gasped.

Seeing Shixiong drooling, Gongsun Cha giggled, “Yes.”

Shixiong’s expression was so vivid now! Gongsun Cha wanted to laugh.

Zuo Mo rushed into Venerable Chi’s mountain cave. The place was heavily guarded at the moment. Gongsun Cha was also clear about the value of a fourth-grade Sonic Lightning Walnut. It was a treasure beyond any price.

A stalk of a non-descript walnut tree twice the height of a person. The crown was filled with green fruits, the skin of which was covered in silver dots.

There was no thick ling energy, no blinding light. This tree looked extremely normal. It was hard for people to relate this tree to a fourth-grade Sonic Lightning Walnut tree.

“This Venerable Chi has some good eyesight! Normal people won’t have recognized it.” Zuo Mo greedily stared at the sparkling green fruits on the tree.

“Now, it is all ours.” Gongsun Cha did not have a good understanding of the value of the Sonic Lightning Walnut. He only knew that this tree was somewhat rare and very expensive.

Zuo Shixiong always was bursting with interest towards anything that was rare and could be sold for a good price. He himself was also very happy. He knew better than anyone else the expenses that was spent on the training he had ordered. He felt it was a good beginning that he could create revenue for Shixiong.

Having had a sweet taste, Gongsun Cha wondered if it was time to speed up the steps to create revenue?

Pia, a mature fruit fell off the branch.

Zuo Mo hurriedly put out a hand, the fruit flying into his grasp. He gently brushed with his hand and the skin and flesh was taken off, revealing the silvery sparkling walnut on the inside.

This was the famed Sonic Lightning Walnut!

Zuo Mo’s eyes was intoxicated as he pulled the Sonic Lightning Walnut in front of him.

This Sonic Lightning Walnut was slightly smaller than a normal walnut, appearing to have been made of pure silver. It was extremely heavy, the abundant creasing on the surface released the  occasional spark of lightning. Zuo Mo’s hand was covered in a thin layer of ling power. Otherwise, he would be injured by the lightning of the Sonic Lightning Walnut.

“So this is the Sonic Lightning Walnut? It’s pretty beautiful.” Gongsun Cha crowded over. “This can probably sell for a good price!”

“Sell?” In a reversal of his usual att.i.tude, Zuo Mo furiously shook his head. “We aren’t going to sell even one! This is something that you can’t even buy if you had the jingshi.”

His consciousness scanned the sparkling silvery Sonic Lightning Walnut in his hand as he sighed inside. The Sonic Lightning Walnut naturally contained abundant amounts of hard lightning. It was a natural talisman that could be used immediately. At present, Zuo Mo was lacking high attack power moves. These Sonic Lightning Walnuts had come at the perfect time!

With his thrifty and prudent personality, he naturally was not so stupid as to use the Sonic Lightning Walnuts directly. He also quickly discovered that, while the Sonic Lightning Walnut contained abundant hard lightning, but the kernel inside the hard husk could contain even more hard lightning.

If hard lightning was used to continuously temper it, the power of the Sonic Lightning Walnut would continuously increase.

For other people, it would not be easy to find hard lightning, but it was as simple for Zuo Mo as raising his hand.

[Yang Fiend Hard lightning], a fourth-grade hard lightning, was perfect for tempering the Sonic Lightning Walnuts.

Zuo Mo looked at the branches drooping with green fruits, and the strong feeling of happiness made him dizzy.

“Mine! All mine!”

The cave echoed with the balderdash of a miser.

Translator Ramblings: Gongsun Cha and Zuo Mo are the blind leading the blind in this particular matter. A reason why no powerful great yao have come is given as well as why going to Sky Water Jie is actually a safe choice. Gongsun Cha is stuck very firmly in the mindset of a strategist. Anything that can be used should be used for his advantage.

I’m a little surprised that there were not more of you that commented on Gongsun Cha’s order to ma.s.sacre Venerable Chi’s group. Is it because he seemed like a person who could do such a thing, the situation made it acceptable, or just that everyone is used to killing in fantasy novels? I’m super curious because I was really surprised when I read that part because slaughter on a ma.s.s scale hasn’t been brought into focus in the novel before, and killing was always limited to just a few people with Zuo Mo.


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