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Chapter Four Hundred and Forty Eight – The Strong Vermillion Bird Camp

While the attention of the most prominent factions of Xu Ling City were focused on this mysterious new faction, this new faction hadn’t even stepped a foot out of Ren Cloud Island, oh, wait, supposedly the island was now called Turtle Island.

The scouts hiding in the shadows outside the island found, to their dismay, that the entirety of Turtle Island was shrouded in clouds and nothing could be seen. Only the lights that occasionally penetrated the thick cloud layer seemed to reaffirm that changes were happening inside the island.

Turtle Island was truly changing.

Zuo Mo did not spare jingshi for reinforcing the safety of the island. He acted as though he would not rest unless he really made Turtle Island worthy of its name. The lights the scouts outside Turtle Island saw were the lights produced as Zuo Mo constructed the island protecting formation.

Zuo Mo had thought that the [Yinyang Cloud Thunder Formation] was not strong enough and ran to Pu Yao to demand a new formation.

Pu Yao had all kinds of techniques and spells, all of them were spoils of victory from his war campaigns. Naturally, he did not lack protective formations. In the beginning Pu Yao wasn’t willing to hand over any formations, as he kept on brooding over the fact that Zuo Mo’s mo physique was stronger than his yao arts. Adding on that he hadn’t gotten any benefits from this guy, Pu Yao wasn’t very eager.

But this was a matter of life of death. Zuo Mo didn’t want to have someone sneak in while they were sleeping. He hara.s.sed, nagged, and grinded down Pu’s resistance, while Wei, the person who wanted the world in chaos, was pouring oil onto the fire, he managed to drag a formation from Pu Yao’s hands.

Wei started to resumed his liveliness, after having lost his motivation.

This formation was called the [Meridional Azure Aether Formation] and was a sixth-grade formation. Supposedly, it was the mountain-protecting formation of a formation sect called the Azure Formation Sect.

When Zuo Mo held the formation scroll, his drool came out. A sixth-grade formation, it was a formation he didn’t even dare to think about in the past!

When he read it in depth, he increasingly felt that this formation was deep and profound. With his skill at formations, he could only understand thirty to forty percent of the formation. He saw that, at this speed, without a year or two of study, he could not completely comprehend this formation.

But time waits for no man, and there were many eyes staring at them from the outside.

Zuo Mo, realizing this and decided to gather the Golden Crow Camp. He gave all of them a copy of the formation. He had a simple thought, since his individual power wasn’t enough, then everyone should work on this together. More people meant more strength!

It had to be said that this move was effective.

These people from Golden Crow Camp were not the same people of the past who didn’t understand anything. Zuo Mo never concealed anything about formations from them, and gave them any good formations he had to comprehend. Their study of all kinds of mo matrixes had caused their knowledge and vision to broaden and increased their understanding of formations.

They also had an accurate measure of themselves, and knew that their talents were average and were not anything spectacular. Due to this, they put more importance on communicating and cooperating with each other. Even they did not know that they had unwittingly stepped onto a new path that was different than other production xiuzhe. While it was true their individual strength was not strong, but when they worked together and were skilled at cooperative forging.

Gathering everyone’s strength to study a formation together was a familiar job for Golden Crow Camp. So when Zuo Mo handed them the problem, Golden Crow Camp under the leadership of the two masters, Sun Bao and Ji Wei, started to methodically study the [Meridional Azure Aether Formation].

This was the first time Zuo Mo attended the collective comprehension process of Golden Crow Camp.

Following a requested from Sun Bao, Zuo Mo first presented what he understood about the formation in detail. After the gathering slowly digested his lecture, the immediately string of reactions caused Zuo Mo to gape in shock.

The [Meridional Azure Aether Formation] was divided into several parts by the two masters and the members most skilled in formations. Golden Crow Camp also divided into groups to specifically target these parts.

Zuo Mo had a feeling the large formation was dismembered into pieces!

Golden Crow Camp quickly showed Zuo Mo what efficiency was. During the discussions on the second day, several problems that he did not understand were resolved by the group. Each little team reported their progress as well as the problems they encountered. The heated discussion that followed also caused a great shock for Zuo Mo.

The mood was heated, there were people slamming the tables, faces flushed, swearing and shouting, glaring angrily at each other. They almost started fighting physically.

The second day was so.

The third day was so.

The fourth day, the fifth day … …

On the fifth day, the problems of the formation were all solved!

The people of Golden Crow Camp that had just comprehended a sixth-grad formation disregarded the astounded Zuo Mo. They interestedly started to discuss how many variations there were in the [Meridional Azure Aether Formation] … …

So he had such a powerful group of people as subordinates!

Zuo Mo’s mind was dazed.

After the introduction on the first day, Zuo Mo was like an audience member. The completely deciphered [Meridional Azure Aether Formation] was recombined into a jade scroll along with twenty thousand characters of notes.

Receiving the jade scroll, Zuo Mo read the twenty thousand characters worth of notes. The profound and deep [Meridional Azure Aether Formation] was presented and straightforwardly as though it was an introductory jade scroll. In the twenty thousand character notes, it managed to explain almost every seed formation in the [Meridional Azure Aether Formation.]

Up until now, Zuo Mo had never stayed in Golden Crow Camp before. He would only come to deliver new formations, or if he needed to forge something. He had never thought that Golden Crow Camp had grown to such a level!

It was fantastical to believe!

Shocked, Zuo Mo could not understand even when he thought for a while.

While shocked and dazed, Zuo Mo had started to set up the formation. The [Meridional Azure Aether Formation] was very complicated and had complex formation scripts, but for Zuo Mo who had pretty good perception, these were not major problems.

The biggest barrier that Zuo Mo encountered were the Meridional azure aether spikes!

The meridional azure aether spikes were the most important weapons in the [Meridional Azure Aether Formation.] Almost half of the jade scroll was spent explaining how to forge meridional azure aether spikes, and the secret techniques that were used to forge them in azure aether. The best material to use were gold element materials and it had to be fourth-grade or above, the most suitable were those that were strong and sharp. When they formed, they would be dark azure and extremely powerful.

Materials were not a problem for Zuo Mo, he had a lot of Golden Crystal Sand.

The biggest problem was azure aether. He did not have azure aether. Azure aether was an unique mist of the world. It was a rare fifth-grade material, was completely azure in colour, and belonged to the water element.

Zuo Mo stared. Where could he go to get azure aether?

The main body of the formation was completed, and the only thing left was the one hundred and eight meridional azure aether spikes. When they were forged, and the meridional azure aether spikes were put into the formation, the entire formation would be completed.

Supposedly, the complete Meridional Azure Aether Formation could stop the attacks of yuanying xiuzhe, and jindan xiuzhe couldn’t break through at all.

Of course, considering that each sect liked to boast, Zuo Mo did not have that high of hopes for the [Meridional Azure Aether Formation]. He didn’t even know what yuanying xiuzhe looked like. But even taking that into account, that was enough security.

Without any azure aether, Zuo Mo could only temporarily stop the work on the formation.

Just at this time, Xie Shan suddenly ran in. “Daren, that old man Xu, from last time, is asking to meet you. He is with someone else.”

Old Man Xu? Zuo Mo recalled the scene that day. Old man Xu had been pretty courteous the entire time and hadn’t acted even at the end. After thinking, he flew into the air.

Outside the formation, he saw Old man Xu. There was also a young and handsome male standing beside him in an azure robe.

“Mister Xu, welcome to my place, welcome! Welcome!” Zuo Mo put a smile on his face, and raised his folded hands with friendliness.

Xu Zheng Wei had been afraid the other would posture. The rock in his heart landed and a smile unconsciously came onto his face. “When this old man saw Boss Zuo that day, this man knew that Boss Zuo wasn’t ordinary. Young, talented, and handsome! Let this old man introduce to Boss Zuo, this is the young master of the Cloud Pavilion, Mister Liao Junior.”

He saw that young person raise his hands in a greeting, and say in an apologetic tone, “This one apologizes to Boss Zuo. Boss Zuo, please have great tolerance about the employees of my store who offended you.” As he spoke, his hands moved, and a jade scepter appeared. “This fifth-grade scepter is this one’s token, please, Boss Zuo, accept this.”

Zuo Mo, naturally, moved to take the jade scepter. He said, “Boss Liao is too polite. Come come, come in to sit!”

He ushered the two into the island.

When Boss Liao and Xu Zheng Wei saw the furor of activity on the island, they maintained calmness on their faces but they were shocked inside. Sword lights flashed across the island. There was most likely thousands of people and the factions outside the island were completely ignorant of this.

The two were shocked at Zuo Mo’s uncanny move. How could they know the normal-looking Black Turtle had a great belly?

Liao Qi Chang was alright, but the shock in Xu Zheng Wei was like a storm! He had come to the Ren Family Island before and had a general impression of the island’s situation. But the cloud island had now been completely transformed and he could not find any traces of the Ren Family at all.

If it had to be asked what the greatest impression this place gave him, then it was strict!

There were sword xiu patrolling by all over the sky. Of course, that wasn’t strange, but if these sword xiu pa.s.sed over one’s head in organized ranks like a blade, the startling feeling in their heart wasn’t a pleasurable one to experience.

It was possible to see a black mist shrouding a camp in the distance. It was possible to feel the thick killing energy from a great ways off.

On this short walk of five li, Xu Zheng Wei’s expression kept on changing. Liao Qi Chang showed more calmness but the shock inside could be seen through the graveness in his eyes.

He could see more than Xu Zheng Wei. He was the young master of the Cloud Pavilion and seen countless treasures. There were not many that could rival his eyes. At first glance, he was deeply attracted to the Sonic Lightning Walnut tree. The Sonic Lightning Walnut was just fourth-grade but it was very rare. This Sonic Lightning Walnut tree was already mature. There were a few fruits hanging off it, and the thick power of the hard lightning was wondrous.

It was not a wonder to have Sonic Lightning Walnuts, but having the Sonic Lightning Walnut tree was a whole other matter.

What were the origins of this group?

Liao Qi Chang thought inside, he was both shocked and suspicious.

Translator Ramblings: The library of Pu Yao is once again open for business – for one millisecond.


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