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Chapter 96: The Correct Way to Steal the Limelight

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Front of the Sports Field.

The 19 freshmen were unscrupulously erupting their own peak Vitality. The others backed off one by one, some of their faces showed unwillingness and some were full of dejection and loss.

None entered MCMAU without pride or would admit to themselves being inferior.

To be able to enter MCMAU meant that they were geniuses, the best of the lot! At this moment, however, out of thousands of students, only 19 of them could announce their names in public under the pressure of the 12 instructors.

In front of the crowd.

Fang Ping looked around and felt shocked. Of the 19 martial artists which included him, the others were not weaker than him except for the 2 twice-honed martial artists whose Vitality was only a little bit lower than his. If one wanted to know, his Vitality had already reached 209cal!

Back then, Tan Zhenping, the apex martial artist for Rank-1, could only barely reach 250cal of Vitality while under full force outburst.

Tan Zhenping had completed the full honing of his lower limbs and then kept within Rank-1 for a decade. Regardless of actual combat power, Tan Zhenping’s Vitality as a Rank-1 martial artist was definitely not low.

Now amongst the 19 freshmen of MCMAU, none of them had reached peak Rank-1. How old were they now?

Every one of them had exceeded 200cal in terms of their Vitality. Some of them cultivated combat techniques and their actual combat power was even stronger than Tan Zhenping’s.

This was MCMAU!

Fu Changding observed from the side. With one glance at how many of them managed to endure the pressure, he rolled his eyes and shouted, “Fang Ping, you’re an aspiring martial artist. To think that you’ve managed to stay on until now. I have underestimated you!”

Fang Ping saw him squinting his eyes and immediately understood what he meant. He could not help but feel awkward and embarra.s.sed.

Truly, he was very embarra.s.sed!

Seeing Fu Changding looking anxious as if he had a mind of beating someone up, Fang Ping could only shout dryly, “Fu Changding, there’s nothing simple about you too!

“A twice-honed martial artist and apparently you’ve also completed honing one of your limbs!”

“We’re both in the same boat. Fang Ping, tell me honestly, haven’t you already honed your bones the third time?”

“Fu Changding, would you like to take a guess?”

“Fang Ping, I will not take a guess. It’s not convenient to fight today or I would have let you witness my power!”

“Fu Changding…”

“Fang Ping…”

“Fu Changding…”

“Fang Ping…”

With the constant reminding from the two, everyone now knew there were two celebrities among the Grade 08 of new students.

One was called Fang Ping and the other was Fu Changding. One was a suspected thrice-honed martial artist whereas the other was a twice-honed martial artist who had also completely honed one more limb.


Many of the old students were dumbfounded. The woman beside Qin Fengqing laughed as his body shook back and forth. “These two new students sure are interesting. By now the whole school should know who they are.”

Every time the two conversed, they would call out the opposite’s name. Was it normal to do that in a regular exchange?

At a glance, everyone would understand this kind of inclination. A few people were laughing and meanwhile Qin Fengqing snorted coldly, “Idiot, what are you laughing for!”

“Enduring the Vitality outburst of 12 mid rank martial artists while chatting so idly, you idiots dare laugh!”

Qin Fengqing did not care if he would offend anyone and even several instructors next to him were ridiculed by him.

A bunch of idiots!

Not forgetting that the two of them were just new students. To chat so excitedly while under the influence of the Vitality outburst of 12 mid rank martial artists as well as some of the other students, were all the other students stupid?

Could they possibly not understand?

Amongst the rest of the 17 individuals, how many of them could actually open their mouths to chat?

The two aspiring martial artists who have undergone bone-honing twice were now all sweaty and it looked like they could not hold on anymore. If they opened their mouths now, they would be discouraged and lose their face.

The others were better but only to an extent. If they were allowed to chat, would they dare?

As this was said, many of them realized at once.

Quickly, someone recalled the topic at hand and immediately asked, “This Fang Ping, he honed his bones thrice?”

“He’s not a martial artist?”

Fang Ping’s outburst from before had everyone thinking that he was a martial artist. Although with what Fu Changding had said, everyone now knew that he actually was not a martial artist.


Qin Fengqing who was once again scorned mumbled, “I remember now!”

He had recalled. Did he not meet the new student himself at the school gate one month earlier? At the time, he had felt the opposite party’s Vitality, which was not low and he was sure that he had undergone bone-honing twice. He did not think that he had actually honed his bones 3 times instead of twice. Twice-honed students were uncommon in MCMAU, but 3 times was even rarer.

At present, the soph.o.m.ore Xie Lei had done bone-honing 3 times and is currently at peak Rank-2. Qing Fengqing did not care that Xie Lei was at peak Rank-2. Although once Xie Lei breaks through to Rank-3, that is when Xie Lei would become a formidable opponent. Even now, Xie Lei could go up against the general Rank-3 martial artists with some wins and losses.


Several instructors smiled through their eyes. MCMAU did not care if the students played some small trick, to be a martial artist was to fight, to work hard to express yourself. What Fu Changding and Fang Ping did was still within the rules. Since they were within the rules, they are thus in line with MCMAU’s style.

Tang Feng, an instructor of the School of Weaponry suddenly frowned. “These two students are rabble-rousers. It would be bad to accept them!”

“That’s right!”

Immediately, someone sounded their agreement. “Honing bones 3 times ain’t anything. We just don’t want to waste time and resources to nurture it. It’s a waste of time.”

“Exactly. Two freshmen who think they are great but in fact, this kind of act of sensationalism is most unacceptable.”

“That’s right. This type of people will only resort to crafty tricks and look for shortcuts in the future. We cannot accept them!”


As the crowd gradually lashed out, the woman who earlier vowed to research their details spoke up with a laugh. “Since all of you don’t have the eye for it, I’ve reluctantly accepted them.”


“Who said we won’t take them in? These are the types of students that need our guidance!”



Huang Jing felt a slight headache. What a bunch of idiots and yet they want to show off their intelligence!

If they were genuinely impressed by them, just admit it. There was no need to belittle the two of them. Did they think that they were as dumb as them to take their words seriously? Disregarding their debate, Huang Jing dully said, “We’re just looking at their Vitality now and that doesn’t mean anything.”

“Vitality could be nurtured but for some things, you need to rely on yourself.

“If we only look at Vitality, what will we do after the college entrance examination? We might as well end it with just a physical a.s.sessment.”

These words reminded all the instructors that when it came to picking students, they could not just look at Vitality.

Intelligence, strategy, and actual combat are all indispensable.

Earlier, everyone did not say who they wanted to choose. Later, they showed interest in Fang Ping and Fu Changding because they felt these two kids were not lacking in intelligence.

Although this form of expression was immature, it stood out at this moment so there was no need to complain about the method. The other students might only remember the two of them out of 19 people now.

Truly, the names “Fang Ping” and “Fu Changding” had been repeated so many times, it was hard not to remember it.

Fang Ping felt ashamed as the others discussed. Fu Changding once again screamed out his name but Fang Ping was determined not to answer.

Thousands of students were watching them. They were surrounded by instructors and older students. Fang Ping would really lose his courage if the screaming continued. Fu Changding also had enough when Fang Ping did not answer. In the end, he could only cry out loud, “Fang Ping, I, Fu Changding will decide who is stronger between us tomorrow!”

“How shameless…”

Many people were cursing them internally. Decide who was stronger? Did they really think that no one could see the two of them working with one another!

Huang Jing had seen enough and spoke out. “Surely everyone has met one another today…”

Many people were aggrieved. There was no getting to know one another apart from the two shameless people. Even the dean’s name was quickly getting forgotten.

Huang Jing ignored their grievances and continued, “That being the case, today’s entrance ceremony thus ends here. You will be a.s.signed to your schools and instructors tomorrow.

“Students, do remember today’s lesson. For those who are late tomorrow or fail to show up, you will be deducted 30 credits!”

Today, 20 points would be deducted and tomorrow, 30 points. Two times and all their points would have been deducted. It was unlikely that anyone would dare to disobey the rules again.

There was only so many resources available before reaching Rank-1. Unless one earns it again, they would lose these free resources.

After Huang Jing finished his speech, he did not stay and quickly turned to leave. The rest of the instructors also gradually left, keeping in mind the students they wished to observe.

Any instructor who was able to go up stage was no weakling. The lowest were those of peak Rank-5 and the highest included those of peak Rank-6.

On the other hand, there was a mix in the audience below the stage with a good portion of them being at Rank-4.

The people on the stage left. The instructors below the stage did not wait for tomorrow to witness the actual battle. Many people chose to step down from the stage and enter the sports field.

At the end of the exhibition, Fang Ping received an invitation from an instructor right away.

“Student Fang Ping, I am an instructor of the School of Weaponry, Li Yaohua. I am at peak Rank-4 and am very quickly about to enter Rank-5…”

The thrice-honed Fang Ping was worth their investment regardless of actual combat ability.

“During the instructor a.s.signment tomorrow, you may choose me. Of course, in terms of my strength, it is relatively weaker compared to some of the instructors who were just on stage.

“However, they are not instructors of new students and most of them already have students. Those who have fewer students have about 10 and those with more have way more than that, dozens more.

“I’m different. I became an instructor of MCMAU just last year and have constantly been on missions earlier in the year so I have just returned to the school…”

The instructor named Li Yaohua spoke very sincerely. For the time being, he had not received any students yet and this year was his first time taking in students.

His strength was also not weak if he was already about to breakthrough to Rank-5.

Following the ancient times, Fang Ping becoming his first student would make him the eldest disciple and one can imagine the welfare he could receive.

Fang Ping actually felt quite touched when a strong person of the mid rank had sincerely requested to take him as his student.

However, making decisions based on emotions cannot work. Rank 4 was Rank 4 and Rank 6 meant Rank 6.

Besides, he seemed like he had not taught any students before and Fang Ping did not dare to commit to him.

After the offer was politely rejected, although Li Yaohua felt slightly regretful, he still did not demand too much and continued to talk to another martial artist who was a twice-honed martial artist.

When it came to taking in students, both sides had to be satisfied with each other.

If one forcefully made someone their student, not only would it not be an investment, it could even bring trouble upon one’s self. The instructors would not do this kind of things that would only waste their effort.

Seeing another instructor was coming over, Fang Ping and Fu Changding looked at each other and quickly walked out. An instructor was trying to strike a deal with Fu Changding earlier as well.

After leaving the sports field, Fu Changding gave a sigh of relief and said, “We must enter the School of Weaponry. I’ve already researched the situation for the School of Weaponry this year. Among the instructors for new students of this grade, the one with the greatest strength is Instructor Tang, Tang Feng!

“Instructor Tang Feng, at peak Rank 6 is also known as ‘Mad Lion’. Extremely violent when he combats and good at bare-handed combat techniques although slightly weaker in weaponry.

“Also, Instructor Luo Yichuan who is similarly in peak Rank 6 is also a good choice.

“Instructor Luo is good with the spear. It is not a hot weapon but a cold weapon. The ‘Spear of House Luo’ in his hand is famous among the martial arts circle.

“Also, Instructor Bai Ruoxi who is good at using long swords is also quite a good choice.

“Although Bai Ruoxi is only at peak Rank 5, she is good looking! She’s in her 30s this year and has taken such good care of herself. This kind of mature female instructor is simply the best in the world. Too bad sword-play isn’t really suited for me.”

Fu Changding knew so much about instructors of MCMAU; the few that he had just mentioned were at least at peak Rank 5.

In the School of Weaponry, among all the instructors of new students, only 5 reached Rank 6 while the majority only reached Rank 5. Only a few were Rank 4.

While at other schools, there were more Rank 4s.

In the School of Cultural studies, the majority would be Rank 4 and very few would be Rank 5.

Finally, Fu Changding asked, “Fang Ping, who are you planning to choose?”

Fang Ping thought for a while and said, “Either Instructor Tang Feng or Instructor Xu Jianzhou.”

“Instructor Xu?”

Fu Changding was surprised. “Although Instructor Xu is also in Rank 6, he had just broke through to Rank 6 recently. He didn’t even attend this time, why would you consider him?”

“Instructor Tang Feng is really good at fighting with just his fists and kicks while Instructor Xu is good with the ways of the long blade. I thought that would be easier to learn.”

“True, but it is only easier compared to others. If you really want to learn it well, it still won’t be easy. I’m planning to choose Instructor Luo Yichuan.”

Fang Ping was surprised. “You want to learn the spear?”

Fu Changding explained, “One inch longer one inch stronger, it is safer to learn the spear.”

Then, he continued, “Today, apart from the both of us, there are 17 others. There is no need to consider the two twice-honed but the other 15 people will be our opponents for tomorrow.

“Although, I have to say this. You hid the fact that you are thrice-honed well!”

Fang Ping laughed lightly, “I don’t think I was trying to hide it?”

“This doesn’t count as hiding? During the college entrance exam, you definitely had not honed your bones twice and within just 4 months, you’re a thrice-honed. You’re breaking a lot of expectations.”

“It was just luck.”

Fu Changding smiled. “I don’t really care whether it was luck or not. It’s like this on the road of martial art. Some people walk faster while some people are slower. Some can walk further but some will just stop where they are.

“I don’t admire you for being a thrice-honed. If I wanted to, I could do it as well but too bad I don’t think it is worth it.

“I am more happy to know that we will have bigger opportunities tomorrow!

“The instructors are for us to choose as long as we challenge all of these opponents. Who knows, maybe the dean saw us and actually liked us. He might want to take us as his students. ”

Fang Ping shook his head, “The dean will not necessarily be suitable for us. He is so busy, he wouldn’t have any time to teach newbies like us. Being strong does not necessarily mean that they can guide students well. Rank 6 is more than enough.”

Fu Changding nodded. “This is true too…” He turned his head sideways and looked at the few people beside him. These few top students looked like they ran away from disaster as well.

Among those people, there was Tang Songting.

Aside from him, there were another three girls. He had not met these three girls before. One of them looked plain while the other two were quite good looking.

Fu Changding whispered, “We are in luck, one for you and one for me. The one to the left who looks sorta handsome goes to you and the one to the right who looks gentle goes to me!”

“Haha.” Fang Ping wanted to avoid that. It was just his first time meeting them and he did not even think about flirting with the girls.

Moreover, looking at these few girls, all of them wore the look of wanting to kill both of them. Fang Ping did not want to look for trouble.

Both of them had showed off so much earlier and they had already s.n.a.t.c.hed the limelight away; the others did not look warmly at them.


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