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Chapter 1065

Demon Commander Xu Zhong


Lin Dong looked at the smiling face of the lady before him. After which, he glanced at the expressions of everyone around them. He involuntarily broke into a smile and nodded as he said, “Thank you for taking care of Little Flame.”

“Little Flame?”

Huo Miao was taken aback. A strange smiling expression was revealed in her eyes as she looked to the side at Little Flame. She would never have imagined that this extremely ferocious looking man, who caused one to feel some fear just from looking at him, would actually have such a… cute nickname.”

“Big brother.” Little Flame helplessly said.

Lin Dong chuckled and said, “You even know about keeping your image now… alright, this is my brother, Lin Yan.”

Huo Miao nodded. Her eyes looked towards Little Flame as she spoke, “However, he does not need me to take care of him and I do not have the courage to do so either…”

Lin Dong could hear a little resentment within this lady’s voice. He immediately grinned a little. It seemed like she was somewhat fond of Little Flame.

“What nonsense are you sprouting in front of my big brother?” Little Flame frowned and spoke in a deep voice.

Huo Miao pouted. She had been greatly infuriated by Little Flame’s att.i.tude. Immediately, she clenched her teeth violently, turned around and left. However, a faint voice was secretly transmitted into the ears of the Lin Dong duo as she turned around.

“You should be careful today.”

Lin Dong’s winecup holding hand trembled slightly as both of his eyes faintly narrowed. It seemed that this Huo Miao was aware of something. Could it be that Xu Zhong was really going to make a move on Little Flame today?

Chilling murderous intent surged within Little Flame’s scarlet eyes. However, he very quickly suppressed it.

“That lady is pretty decent.” Lin Dong placed his winecup down and smilingly told Little Flame.

“Big brother, what nonsense are you saying?” Little Flame was fl.u.s.tered by Lin Dong’s words. Soon after, he bitterly smiled, “I do not have such intentions towards her… moreover, we have yet to take our revenge. How can I have the mood to discuss such matters?”

“Revenge is revenge. Although we must definitely have our revenge, we should also enjoy the things that we should enjoy.” Lin Dong gently smiled and said. He lamented a little as he looked at Little Flame. The completely clueless stupid tiger that followed beside him before even developing a proper mind back then, had finally grown up.

“Let’s talk about this another time.” Little Flame replied. His eyes focused as he grinned. “However, it seems that this Deep Lightning Mountain is destined to be in chaos today…”

Lin Dong nodded gently. It seems like Xu Zhong was unable to hold on any longer.

With the flow of time, the s.p.a.cious large hall grew increasingly lively. Most of those who could enter this place were the leaders of various reputable factions in Deep Lightning Mountain. There were also existences on the level of the city governor of Blood Python City around. However, they were clearly only akin to props today.


A deep bell suddenly rang amidst the lively atmosphere within the large hall. The entire hall gradually became quiet as many pairs of eyes successively looked towards the throne at the end of the hall.

“Ha ha, today is the mountain gathering of my Deep Lightning Mountain. Thank you all for joining. I, Xu Zhong, will first thank everyone here!”

A hearty laughter suddenly thundered across the large hall. Suddenly, a black light shot in from outside the hall and headed directly for the throne. The black light condensed as a black wind blew, revealing a well built figure that sat grandly on the throne. Mighty lightning seemed to surge in his eyes as they swept over the place, frightening one’s very soul.

“Welcome Demon Commander!”

A respectful greeting echoed in the hall after the black robed man appeared on the throne.

“Is this the ruler of Deep Lightning Mountain and one of the eight great Demon Commanders in the Beast War Region, Xu Zhong…”

Lin Dong’s eyes looked towards the throne at this moment. The strong and well built of the man was not inferior to that of Little Flame. He wore a black robe and had a somewhat craggy face. There was the dignified and stern look of someone who was in a position of power for a long time. However, it was still possible to see a ruthless expression deep within those eyes. This appearance did not put the name of the Demon Commander to shame.

Lin Dong could sense Little Flame lean slightly forward when Xu Zhong appeared. That appearance was like the prelude to a fierce tiger pouncing on its prey.

Lin Dong extended his hand and gently patted Little Flame. The smile on his face allowed the latter’s tense body to gradually relax.

“Ha ha, today is a rare grand event of my Deep Lightning Mountain. No one shall leave until they are drunk!” A look of enjoyment flashed across his eyes as Xu Zhing smilingly looked upon the grand sight of everyone respectfully greeting him and he heartily laughed.

“Demon Commander is a brilliant master.”

Praise was successively emitted from below. Those eyes, which were looking at Xu Zhong, had some fear in them. It was likely that the name of one of the eight great commanders was indeed quite intimidating.

Xu Zhong laughed loudly. He waved his large hand and female singing servants carried wine jars and shuttled through the hall. The atmosphere of the hall was quite lively.

“This Deep Lightning Mountain of mine is inseparable from my nine great generals and this annual celebration cannot be done without them. Bestow upon them wine!” Xu Zhong swept his gaze over the place as the atmosphere became extremely lively. Suddenly, he looked at the nine great generals below him. His eyes paused momentarily on Lin Dong and Little Flame before s.h.i.+fting away.

“This king shall offer all of you a toast. Another year of campaigning has been hard on all of you!” Xu Zhong lifted his wine jar and laughed.

The nine people below slightly inclined their heads. They held the wine cups in front of them before draining the cups in a single gulp.

Lin Dong had a calm expression while watching this scene. Xu Zhong clearly possessed some skill in order to become a Demon Commander. If it was not because Lin Dong was aware that the latter had placed the Deep Dark Ghost Seal onto Little Flame and the others to control them, this mannerisms of Xu Zhong would really somewhat convince everyone. Unfortunately…

“Ha ha, this must be the Lin Dong, who defeated the governor of Blood Python City, Cao Ying, right? You are indeed a talent. No wonder even someone like General Yan calls you big brother.” Xu Zhong put down the jar of wine in his hand. He suddenly looked at Lin Dong, who was beside Little Flame, and laughed.

At this moment, several pairs of eyes also shot over from within the large hall. Whispers spread when they heard this name. It was likely that they did not find it unfamiliar.

“Demon Commander flatters me. Beating Cao Ying was mere luck.” Lin Dong smiled a little as he replied.

Xu Zhong chuckled. He shot a glance at Lin Dong before turning towards Little Flame. He was clearly aware of Little Flame’s arrogance and it was likely that this Lin Dong was not an ordinary person. However, Xu Zhong was clearly more focused on Little Flame. Given his strength, he did not think that an initial Profound Death stage human would be able to pose much of a threat towards him. Even though this human was far from simple… was he, Xu Zhong, was someone simple either?

He stared at Little Flame while great greed surged deep within his eyes. The latter also seemed to have detected this and slowly raised his head. Those scarlet tiger eyes faced Xu Zhong without giving in.

Both pairs of tiger eyes looked at each other as the atmosphere slowly stiffened at this moment. A hidden murderous aura flashed across both of their eyes.

The face-off between the two was quickly detected by some of the sharper individuals and their faces quickly changed. They could vaguely detect an unusual atmosphere.

The noise in the hall had become a lot quieter without anyone realising.

Chen Tong and the rest quietly put down the winecups in their hands as the muscles all over their bodies tensed while perspiration surfaced on their backs.

Anxiety flashed across Huo Miao’s eyes as she watched this scene. She did not expect that her previous reminder was completely ineffective. This stupid tiger still dared to oppose Xu Zhong in such a fas.h.i.+on…

She glanced at Lin Dong. At this moment, it seemed that the only one who could stop Little Flame was him. However, she was speechless to find that Lin Dong appeared as though he completely oblivious to this strange atmosphere. All the latter did was lower his head and stare at the winecup in his hand.

“Ha ha, General Yan is still so bold. You are indeed worthy of being the top general under me.” Xu Zhong finally took the lead to smile and speak during the faceoff.

The corners of Little Flame’s mouth parted as he replied, “Since Demon Commander thinks that we have made such a great contribution, I wonder if you will agree to a request of mine?”

Xu Zhong eyes hardened. He smiled faintly and asked, “What request does General Yan have? Feel free to mention it.”

“Remove the Deep Dark Ghost Seals on our bodies.” Little Flame slowly said.

The smile on Xu Zhong’s face slowly withdrew. His body leaned forward slightly and both of his hands were placed on his knees. His entire body was filled with a frightening pressure as he stared at Little Flame and said, “General Yan, are you trying to test the limits of this king’s patience? Do you think that this king will continue to tolerate you?”

Dense murderous desire that could not be hidden finally surged within Little Flame’s scarlet tiger eyes. “Xu Zhong, both of us are well aware of the situation. Why the need to be such a hypocrite? Isn’t the reason why you used the Deep Dark Ghost Seal to keep me in Deep Lightning Mountain, is because you wish to have the other half of the essence blood inheritance within my body?”

The entire huge hall quickly turned deathly silent. Shock was revealed in the eyes of those leaders from the various factions as they watched the changing atmosphere. Was this scene the breakup of the upper echelons of Deep Lightning Mountain?

The mountain gathering today had become a little different from usual…

However, it was a little surprising that General Yan was bold enough to provoke Xu Zhong in such a manner. After all, regardless of how great the ferocious name of General Yan was, it was still rather lacking when compared to this renowned Demon Commander…

Xu Zhong’s expression was dark. He stared at Little Flame as his hands slowly clenched tightly. Soon after, he spoke in a cold voice, “This king is really curious… you only knew how to hide from me in the past. Why is it that you dare to act in such a manner today? Could it be that you believe that you have found some support?”

After his final word sounded, Xu Zhong’s eerie eyes turned towards Lin Dong, who had been quietly standing beside Little Flame.

Many pairs of eyes began to s.h.i.+ft within the huge hall. After which, they looked at Lin Dong in a doubtful manner. Was it because of Lin Dong’s presence that General Yan dared to directly challenge Demon Commander Xu Zhong?

However, was an initial Profound Death stage human actually able to give General Yan such courage? Was this even possible?


Lin Dong gently placed the winecup in his hand down under the many watching eyes. Soon after, he slowly lifted his head. Those black pupils of his stared at Xu Zhong on the throne as a soft voice was emitted.

“Demon Commander Xu Zhong, I do not have any objections with regards to Little Flame remaining in Deep Lightning Mountain to fight for you and I can even accept that you have s.n.a.t.c.hed half of the essence blood inheritance…”

Lin Dong paused after speaking to this point. An almost corporeal violent murderous intent unfurled like a storm within his eyes.

“However… you should never ever have planted the Deep Dark Ghost Seal on him in an attempt to control and threaten him…”

Lin Dong smiled at the cold looking Xu Zhong, revealing his sinisterly white teeth.

“It is not up to trash like you to control my brother! Hence, today… shall be the day that I shall demand repayment from you!”

The entire place was quiet. Everyone were completely stupefied.


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