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A yellow sand cloud seemed to cover the sky as it descended, obscuring one’s sight. Lin Dong quietly stood within the yellow dust. His eyes penetrated through the sandy fog and focused on a certain spot.

There was a sharpness, which had not appeared for a long time, in the eyes under his black hair.

No unusual ripples emerged in the area after Lin Dong’s voice sounded. However, his expression did not change. He continued to stare unwavering at that certain empty spot.

Since a long time ago, he had vaguely felt that there was some other existence in this lonely ‘Purgatory’ during his training. However, that feeling was previously extremely obscure. With the rise in his Mental Energy cultivation, that feeling had finally become clearer.

That hidden existence appeared to be quite frightening.

However, Lin Dong also understood that he needed to defeat that hidden guardian in order to leave this place. Otherwise, he would have to stay in this place forever until even his body completely decomposed.

“The trials here are already useless against me. Therefore, you should personally take action.” Lin Dong lifted his head while excitement surged within his black eyes.

“Buzz buzz!”

This time, there was finally some response from the empty s.p.a.ce. One could see layers of ripples appearing within the emptiness as the sandy fog in the air actually gathered towards a certain empty spot. A long while later, one could see the yellow sand that seemingly filled the sky transform into an incomparably giant face.

The face was extremely blurry, and it was not possible to clearly see it. However, Lin Dong felt the pores all over his body instantly tighten for some unknown reason because of this unfamiliar face. At this moment, he could feel a buzzing sound, which had disappeared for a long time, being emitted from his body. That undulation… 

It was the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol!

The two great Ancestral Symbols inside his body had actually started to stir!

Although Lin Dong was unable to control the two great Ancestral Symbols because he was within “Purgatory”, he was still able to detect even this faint activity from them as their current wielder.

“What a dangerous feeling…”

Lin Dong’s expression was grave as he muttered. His eyes stared intently at the giant yellow sand face in the sky. He could swear that no one had ever given him such an indescribable feeling of terror. Even the Darkness Master in the Devil Suppressing Prison could not compare.

“There is actually still someone who can build ‘Purgatory’…”

That strange giant yellow sand face rippled while Lin Dong was feeling shocked in his heart. An ancient voice, which seemed to have existed since the beginning of the world, finally resounded across Purgatory.

The corners of Lin Dong’s eyes twitched when heard this. The great shock in his heart caused him to involuntarily take a step back despite his current mental fort.i.tude. After which, he slowly lifted his finger and pointed at the giant face as he spoke in a hoa.r.s.e voice, “You… you are the Symbol Ancestor?”

The only ones since the ancient era who could utter such words and cause him to feel a fear that surpa.s.sed even that of the Darkness Master could be counted with a single hand. Moreover, the greatest possibility was naturally the one who had stood at the peak of this world, the legendary Symbol Ancestor!

“Symbol Ancestor? Ha ha, a name that I have not heard for a very long time…”

The giant yellow sand face rippled. Its sand eyes slowly s.h.i.+fted downwards and paused on Lin Dong. “I am merely an imprint left behind when the Symbol Ancestor created Purgatory. I will awaken as long as someone is able to construct Purgatory.”

“Of course, I am also the final guardian you have to beat in order to leave Purgatory. As long as you are able to defeat me, you will be able to break out from Purgatory.”

“Beat you?”

Lin Dong’s pupils contracted slightly. Although the thing before him was a mere imprint, it was still something that the person, who had once stood at the peak of this world, had left behind.

“Why? Are you afraid? I have witnessed your training in Purgatory for over a decade. You do not appear to be someone who is easily frightened.” The yellow sand rolled as the ancient voice once again sounded.


Lin Dong deeply inhaled as the shock within his eyes slowly receded little by little. Regardless of who the person in front of him was, he would likely never be able to escape Purgatory if he was afraid.

“Elder, please teach me!”

Lin Dong cupped his fists together and shouted with a serious expression. Since the giant face before his eyes was the final guardian, the only way for Lin Dong to leave was to beat him!

“Let me experience the results of your training after all these years.”

The yellow sand on the giant face surged. Soon after, the land began to shake violently. The ground collapsed and bright red lava spluttered out like a sea. In the short span of a dozen breaths, the desert had turned into a land of lava.

Lin Dong flew into the air. He frowned a little as he looked down at the lava sea below, which was emitting an astonis.h.i.+ng heat. This giant face seemed to be able to draw upon the power of Purgatory. Each simple gesture of it possessed extremely terrifying power.


The lava sea surged and churned. Soon after, lava pillars, which were tens of thousands of feet in size, suddenly shot out. They appeared like many giant bright red dragons. These huge dragons coiled and twisted in the sky while dark red light flashed on the lava that flowed on their bodies. Subsequently, the lava began to solidify, transforming their bodies into a crystal form that flickered with piercing light.

The lava crystal dragons occupied the sky. Those bright red dragon eyes were locked onto Lin Dong. A terrifyingly high temperature was emitted from their bodies, causing even the surrounding s.p.a.ce to show some signs of being distorted.

Although these lava crystal dragons were still over tens of thousands of feet away, Lin Dong still felt that his entire body was burning hot as a searing pain spread across the surface of his body.

These attacks were more difficult to deal with than the many trials that Lin Dong had experienced within Purgatory all these years. It seemed that it was not going to be easy to pa.s.s this last test.


The lava crystal dragons coiled in the sky. In the next moment, they let out a long roar towards the heavens and their huge bodies turned into flashes of bright red light which charged towards Lin Dong from all directions.

Lin Dong’s expression was extremely grave as he gazed upon the eighteen large lava dragons that were whistling over. Soon after, his right hand slowly closed as a silver-white energy ripple quickly gathered within his palm. This was the Mental Energy that Lin Dong had obtained through this lengthy period of training.


Lin Dong’s eyes were cold as he threw a punch forward. Vast and mighty Mental Energy swept out like a flood at this moment, directly turning into a ten thousand feet large silver-white Mental Energy palm.

This huge palm was very different from one that was formed with Yuan Power. It appeared almost completely real. This ability to give substance to Mental Energy was a path that one must take in order to advance to the Symbol Grandmaster level!

At this level, one’s Mental Energy was no longer as illusory and ethereal as before. It would no longer be weaker than Yuan Power even in a head on clas.h.!.+


The giant silver-white palm ruthlessly smashed onto a lava crystal dragon as an astonis.h.i.+ng strength directly caused the crystals on the huge lava crystal dragon’s body to shatter. A mournful roar immediately sounded.

Bang bang!

Lin Dong was merciless in his attacks. A thought pa.s.sed through his mind and the giant silver-white palm transformed into many afterimages. They landed on the same spot on the lava crystal dragon’s huge body in an extremely rapid and fierce manner.

Lava spouted from that lava crystal dragon’s body like a fountain. However, the lava dragon was no ordinary attack. Even though it had been injured by Lin Dong’s powerful Mental Energy attack and its crystal body had been shattered, it did not fall apart. This fort.i.tude caused Lin Dong’s grave expression to deepen.


Moreover, while Lin Dong was busy fighting a lava crystal dragon, the other seventeen had also come whistling towards him. Sharp and searing dragon claws tore through the sky. The frightening strength caused the s.p.a.ce around Lin Dong to be completely shattered.

Lin Dong watched the lava flow on the giant dragon claws that seemed to blot the sky as they rushed towards him and deeply inhaled a breath of air. In the next moment, the sharpness in those black eyes intensified.


Silver-white Mental Energy directly spread from Lin Dong’s body, forming a large silver-white bell around him.

Clang clang!

The huge dragon claws ruthlessly smashed onto the large silver-white bell. A clear and hurried chime resounded across the sky.

In the face of the ferocious attacks of seventeen lava crystal dragons, some cracks began to rapidly surface on the silver-white bell, and it quickly shattered in the next instant.


A silver-white ray of light shot out the moment that silver-white large bell was shattered. This ray of light was just like lightning. In a flash, it appeared above the seriously damaged lava crystal dragon’s head. After which, its appearance was revealed. It was Lin Dong.

However, Lin Dong’s entire body was now wrapped in silver-white armor while he held a silver-white sharp long spear in his hand. An extremely formidable undulation rippled from the tip of the spear.


A low and deep voice, which was filled with the desire to kill, was emitted from the silver-white armor. The long spear in Lin Dong’s hands instantly grew to a thousand feet. After which, the 

spear was swung and a puff sound appeared as it penetrated the head of the lava crystal dragon.


A mournful roar sounded as the lava crystal dragon frantically struggled. Finally, it had no choice but to explode. A ray of light containing vast and mighty energy whizzed out from the explosion and tunnelled into Lin Dong’s body.


As this strange ray of light entered Lin Dong’s body, the surging Mental Energy around him instantly rose by ten percent.

“I see.”

Lin Dong was startled as he felt the Mental Energy within his body suddenly rise. Soon after, he heartily laughed at the sky. In the next instant, his body shot out like a bolt of silver lightning. The silver spear in his hand was like a dragon as it clashed violently with the other seventeen lava crystal dragons.

Bang bang bang!

Spluttering lava filled the sky sky as a silver-white figure continued to be sent flying. Cracks appeared on his armor. However, his battle l.u.s.t remained akin to a tiger’s. Each time his long spear pierced forward, it would penetrate a lava crystal dragon and another strange ray of light would subsequently rush into his body like the spoils of battle.

The bitter fight in the sky continued for half a day. Lin Dong’s body was very unsteady as his long spear, which was covered with cracks, was pulled out from the body of the last lava crystal dragon. 


The final ray of strange light surged into Lin Dong’s body at this moment. He could feel the vast and endless undulations within his body. However, his face was covered with a tired expression.

Although Lin Dong’s Mental Energy rose rapidly each time he killed a lava crystal dragon, the energy he exhausted was also extremely great.

“There is still one more…”

Lin Dong slowly lifted his head and looked towards the strange giant yellow sand face in the sky. After which, his eyes gently shut as both of his hands slowly spread outwards. Dazzling silver-white light emerged in wave like fas.h.i.+on. Finally, it spread throughout the entire Purgatory.

“Even if I fail, I will have died for a good cause…”

A mutter gently resounded within the place. After which, the silver light began to pull back. In the end, it turned into a seemingly real sky supporting pillar and shot towards the mysterious giant yellow sand face.

Desperation flooded the land.


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