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Chapter 149: Doing Battle with Gui Yan

“Arrogant fool!”

When he saw Lin Dong’s calm appearance, the maliciousness in Gui Yan’s eyes intensified. His hand flicked and then grasped onto a black sabre that had appeared in his palm. The sound of his blade sheathing, coupled with its ghastly ghost tattoos created an eerie atmosphere.

Gui Yan was also nicknamed as ‘Ghost Blade’ in Yan City as his blade techniques were extremely vicious and cunning. All these years, numerous elite pract.i.tioner had met their maker at his hands. In addition, some of them were even at the advanced Yuan Dan stage. Therefore, his reputation was several times greater than Wei Tong’s. In fact, most people acknowledge that he was the most likely candidate to advance to the perfect Yuan Dan stage. At that time, the Ghost Blade Sect’s reputation in Yan City would skyrocket!

Due to this reason, even though many people knew that Lin Dong had once personally slayed Wei Tong, they did not favor him against Gui Yan.

After all, Wei Tong really cannot hold a candle to Gui Yan.

As he faced those people who were secretly celebrating his misfortune, Lin Dong chose to ignore them. As he lifted his palm, four blades flew out from his Qiankun bag. Out of these four blades, three were emitting an ice-cold Qi, while the remaining one gave out a scorching heat. The blades circled and danced around Lin Dong’s body, causing many after images to be seen.

“Lin Dong, be careful!”

When she saw that Lin Dong was truly prepared to fight against Gui Yan, Xuan Su involuntarily cried out.

Lin Dong gently nodded his head as he waved his hand at Xuan Su and the rest.

“Such an arrogant brat. Well you wanted an explanation right? I will give you an explanation!” The corners of Gui Yan’s lips drew back, as a hideous expression surfaced on his face. An exceptionally potent Yuan Power undulated on his body, just like a tidal wave. Meanwhile, a menacing atmosphere began to emerge!

“Such a powerful aura. It seems like Gui Yan will soon advance to the perfect Yuan Dan stage!” As they felt the aura from Gui Yan’s body, a chorus erupted outside the grounds.

“This person is indeed much stronger than Wei Tong!”

A look of surprise flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. This so-called number one advanced Yuan Dan pract.i.tioner was indeed capable. Based on this aura alone, one could tell that Wei Tong had nothing on him.


With a sabre in hand, Gui Yan’s gaze turned increasingly malicious. As he glared straight at Lin Dong, his foot jutted forward before he immediately turned into a black shadow and dashed towards the latter at lightning speed. The long sabre in his hand arced in a formidable manner, as he viciously swung his blade at an extremely tricky angle which ruthlessly chopped towards Lin Dong.


In response to Gui Yan’s powerful charge, Lin Dong remained still. He jutted his fingers out as the three Mysterious Ice Swords hovering around him immediately exploded forth. They carried a menacing chill as they withstood the sabre’s attack, before they suddenly turned. Icy-cold blades furiously stabbed out.

Even though his swordsmans.h.i.+p was not stellar, thanks to Lin Dong’s Mental Energy control, the attack was still quite formidable. The trajectory of his attacks were almost impossible to escape. And this, was one of the perks of using Mental Energy.

“Clang clang!”

As he felt that bone-chilling sword aura, Gui Yan snorted. The sabre in his hand suddenly danced as it directly transformed into numerous blade after images which completely surrounded his body. Meanwhile, a dazzling blade strike also shot out, causing anyone who saw it to experience gooseb.u.mps.

“Ghastly Chop!”

The blade flashed before abruptly returning. With both hands on his sabre, an exceptionally powerful Pure Yuangang energy swiftly gathered on the sabre, before he violently chopped down!


The bright and formidable blade strike was just like a ferocious dragon, as it swept out from the tip of the sabre, causing the leading Mysterious Ice Sword to be directly jolted away. Wherever the blade strike pa.s.sed by, the ground below was forcefully sliced apart.

“Such a powerful blade attack!”

As they stared at this formidable attack, several people exclaimed in surprise. No ordinary advanced Yuan Dan stage pract.i.tioner would dare to receive this blow directly.

That blade strike was akin to an enraged python, as it swiftly grew larger in Lin Dong’s eyes. However, unexpectedly, even at this juncture, he still did not retreat a single step. Instead, he extended his right palm towards the incoming formidable blade strike. It looked as if he planned to receive it directly!

“You are courting death!”

When he saw this sight, a look of malice surfaced on Gui Yan’s face.


Just as that blade strike was inches away from hitting Lin Dong’s body, the latter suddenly clenched his fist!


When Lin Dong gripped his palm, a Mental Energy barrier was immediately formed before him. Meanwhile, that blade strike clashed violently against the Mental Energy barrier. Even though it managed to cause ripples on that barrier, it did not in the slightest bit succeed in splitting open the Mental Energy barrier!

As they stared at that dazzling blade strike that was unable to make any progress, a look of bewilderment surfaced in the crowd’s eyes. They never expected that Gui Yan’s formidable attack was so easily deflected by Lin Dong.

“Lin Dong’s Mental Energy… has become stronger again!”

Xia Wanjin, Xuan Su, Lin Zhentian and the rest were likewise shocked. Promptly, a look of delight surfaced on their faces. In less than a month, Lin Dong’s Mental Energy had evidently swelled at an extreme rate again. It was no wonder that he dared to provoke Gui Yan.

“The number one advanced Yuan Dan pract.i.tioner doesn’t seem like much!”

As he stared at that formidable blade attack that was being gradually corroded by his Mental Energy barrier, Lin Dong coldly smiled. With a flick of his finger, dozens of Spiritual Needles swiftly formed in front of him, before they were directed towards Gui Yan amidst a the sounds of breaking through the air.

“Humph, you talk big!”

When he saw that Lin Dong had easily neutralized his attack, Gui Yan’s pupils shrank slightly, as his facial expression finally turned somewhat more serious. He could deduce that compared to one month ago, when Lin Dong was combating Wei Tong, the former’s strength seemed to have increased again.

The fact that he had reached this stage in Yan City indicated that Gui Yan was not a person that would lose because he underestimated his enemy. Even though he was displeased by Lin Dong, in his heart, he remained highly cautious. Furthermore, this scene now made it clear that it was vital to remain cautious.

“Buzz buzz!”

A powerful Pure Yuangang energy gushed out from Gui Yan body, before they rushed forth like a tidal wave and completely dissolved all the incoming Spiritual Needles. Then, his eyes suddenly hardened as he tightly gripped onto the sabre in his right palm before he slightly bent his body. Right now, he was exactly like a leopard which was about to pounce on its prey, filled with the intention to strike.


When the tip of Gui Yan’s foot rubbed against the ground, a deep echo sounded out. Then, his body violently stepped forward.

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

When Gui Yan’s body flashed forward, two other after images immediately surfaced behind him. However, what surprised everyone was that when each after image appeared, the glint that gathered on his blade became increasingly terrifying!

“Three-Step Ghastly Shadow Blade!”

When they saw this sight, Xuan Su’s and the rest’s facial expressions turned serious. This was Gui Yan’s signature killing move. It was said that he used this move to kill two advanced Yuan Dan stage experts!

This move was split into three steps. When the third after image appeared, his attack would reach its peak. Among all the advanced Yuan Dan stage pract.i.tioners in Yan City, there was probably no one who dared to receive this move!

“Lin Dong, be careful! He intends to give the killing blow!”

Even without Xuan Su’s reminder, Lin Dong could sense the terrifying force gathering on Gui Yan’s blade. Immediately, his eyes flashed, as the tip of his foot tapped against the ground and his body lept into mid-air. Hopping onto a Mysterious Ice Sword, a Mental Energy wave was suddenly released from within his pupils.

When that Mental Energy shockwave emerged, it violently expanded and spread across the air. Meanwhile, like a tidal wave, powerful Mental Energy continued to pour out from his Niwan palace!

“Buzz buzz!”

As he continuously injected Mental Energy, that Mental Energy shockwave began to grow rapidly. In the blink of an eye, it had turned into a wide Mental Energy symbol formation that was several feet long. Inside that formation were several strange symbols. These mystical symbols appeared all over the formation as they continuously flickered.

Qi grade Secret Spirit Skill, Manifestation Symbol Array.

Lin Dong had finally utilized the Secret Spirit Skill that he had obtained from Symbol Master Tower!

When that symbol formation appeared, an extremely powerful Mental Energy undulation began to spread out. That undulation caused even Xia Wanjin and Yue Shan to be slightly shocked.


When that symbol formation appeared, down below, Gui Yan’s third shadow also surfaced. As he lifted his head in shock, he stared maliciously at Lin Dong, who was hovering in mid air, as his palm suddenly slammed against the sabre’s handle.

A blinding blade shadow emerged, just like a beam of light, as an exceedingly formidable Pure Yuangang energy swiftly gathered on it. Then, like a mini hurricane, under the astonished gazes of the crowd, it tore through the air and flew towards Lin Dong.

“Lin Dong, prepare to die!”

As his long sabre left his hand, a pale parlour surfaced on his face. Even though this attack was exceedingly formidable, it took a major toll on him. Nonetheless, he had absolute confidence in this move. This was because, even an advanced Yuan Dan stage pract.i.tioner would be unable to withstand it!

Lin Dong’s body was hovering below the Manifestation Symbol Array. Although he sensed the terrifying attack that was rapidly approaching him, he chose to slowly shut his eyes.

“Buzz buzz!”

As Lin Dong shut his eyes, numerous unique light rays were emitted by the Manifestation Symbol Array. These light rays shot out from within the symbol formation, before they gathered rapidly in front of Lin Dong, just like a column of light.

The instant that light column took shape, Lin Dong’s gently shut eyes suddenly sprung open. Contained within his eyes were a formidable glint. As he faced Gui Yan’s all-out attack, he did not have the slightest intention of retreating. To the astonishment of the crowd, he suddenly thrust out his fingers.

“Manifestation Symbol Formation, manifest light!”


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