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Chapter 255: A Bountiful Harvest

As looked at that Qiankun bag in his hands, a wide smile surfaced on Lin Dong’s lips. From the fact that Hua Zong seemed to possessed countless number of treasures, he already knew that this Hua Zong was definitely a juicy cash cow. In fact, his possession far exceeds those of w.a.n.g Yan. Naturally, this did not indicate that Ghastly Puppet Cult was stronger than w.a.n.g Clan, but rather, it was because Hua Zong held a certain status in Ghastly Puppet Cult. Else, he would not have been able to afford such luxuries.

“Let me find out just how loaded you are!”

Lin Dong cheekily smiled, before his Mental Energy gushed into the Qiankun bag. Then, his face began to gradually turn stiff before he deeply exhaled, while a tinge of shock and delight filled the far corners of his eyes.

“Two hundred and fifty thousand pure Yuan Pills!”

Lin Dong involuntarily licked his lips before he stared in bewilderment at Hua Zong’s corpse. Evidently, he had never expected that this fellow had actually brought along so many pure Yuan Pills.

In the past, when Lin Dong extorted the Di and Liu Families, he only obtained two hundred thousand pure Yuan Pills. Furthermore, they had to pool their resources together in order to pay him. However, right now, the pure Yuan Pills that he obtained from Hua Zong alone had exceeded that figure. Therefore, this goes to show just how wealthy Hua Zong was.

Of course, Lin Dong did not know about Ghastly Puppet Cult’s extensive business interests in Great Puppet City. Furthermore, as the local custodian, Hua Zong was considered as an elite member. Together with his father’s backing, it was not impossible to believe that he would possess so many pure Yuan Pills. After all, Hua Zong’s ability far exceeds those of the Liu and Di Families.

With regards to how Hua Zong sourced his wealth, Lin Dong did not pay much heed to it. After all, all of his items now belonged to him. Immediately, he unceremoniously took all of that two hundred and fifty thousand pure Yuan Pills, and kept it inside his own Qiankun bag.

As he felt his Qiankun bag instantly swell up, Lin Dong felt relieved as he heaved a deep sigh of relief. Previously, he had been truly broke and in fact, he even lacked the pills needed to activate his Symbol Puppet. Therefore, these two hundred and fifty pure Yuan Pills delivered by Hua Zong was truly timely. Of course, he did not voluntarily deliver them…

After he kept those pure Yuan Pills, Lin Dong continued to fumble around. The results caused him to be extremely satisfied. That was because, he had found a few Secret Spirits Skills manuals.

With regards to Secret Spirits Skills, Lin Dong had only a few. Therefore, he possessed limited Mental Energy attacks, and he was definitely lacking in comparison to Hua Zong. Hence, once he discovered these Secret Spirit Skills manuals, he unceremoniously kept them with a wide grin.

“Major Ghoul Techniques.”

Furthermore, among the Secret Spirit Skills manuals, the one that drew Lin Dong’s attention was undoubtedly a Secret Spirit Skills manual made from jade. There were four large and ghastly words plastered on that manual, which signaled that this item was probably extraordinary.

A trace of Lin Dong’s Mental Energy penetrated inside. Half a moment later, a tinge of shock flashed across Lin Dong’s twinkly eyes. That was because this so-called Major Ghoul Techniques actually possessed two extremely formidable Secret Spirit Skills. Based on Lin Dong’s estimates, they should have be of Qi grade.

Among these two Secret Spirit Skills, one of the was “Mental Corroding Skull” that Hua Zong had executed previously. This skill was able to absorb other’s Mental Energy and after a complicated refining process, one was able to use it to strengthen one’s Mental Energy. All in all, it was somewhat similar to Lin Dong’s Destiny Swirls. Nonetheless, the efficiency and ferocity of this technique was totally incomparable to Lin Dong’s.

“It’s no wonder that fellow was able to advance to Soul Symbol Master. He must have relied on this deviant method…” As he digested this fact, Lin Dong finally came to this realization. Based on the usual cultivation rate, it was pretty remarkable that Hua Zong was able to reach Soul Symbol Master at such a young age. However, in light of this fact, this fact now seemed somewhat plausible.

With regards to the other Secret Spirit Skill, it seemed even more powerful and it was named “Ghastly Devil Howl”. This was a Secret Spirit Skills that was able to transform one’s mental Energy into a unique sound wave. Though it was extremely powerful, it was quite difficult to execute it well. In fact, even a lower-ranked Symbol Master like Hua Zong failed to do so. Else, Lin Dong would have an even harder time for today’s fight.

“Even though it is slightly deviant, it would be a good insurance policy.” Lin Dong gently smiled before he kept that Major Ghoul Techniques into his bag. Even though the methods utilized by Ghastly Puppet Cult were not considered righteous, he did not look down on them. After all, the only law within this natural world, was that the victor would reign supreme. In fact, most people are only concerned with the final outcome and they pay little attention to the means used to accomplish it.

In fact, on the subject of deviant methods, Lin Dong figured that his Destiny Swirls were probably even more deviant and domineering compared to the Ghastly Puppet Cult. Usually, he would choose not to activate them. However, if he met a ruthless and cruel person like Hua Zong, he would not hesitate to use them.

After all, in this world, strength reigns supreme. The laws of the natural world similarly applies to human society as well, especially in a place like Great Desolate Province.

After he kept these Secret Spirit Skills manuals, Lin Dong fumbled around for a while. From Hua Zong’s Qiankun bag, he had found several Soul Treasures. However, most of them were low-ranked and hence they held little appeal to him. Amongst them, the only one that Lin Dong fancied was the dark-red dagger without a handle. This was a mid-ranked Soul Treasure and it was extremely sharp and powerful. When used for a sneak attack, it was deadly and silent. Therefore, it could prove to be quite useful in a fight.

Lin Dong spent several minutes before he finally tabulated the total reward that he obtained this time. His total reward was truly bountiful.

Disregarding the two hundred over thousand pure Yuan Pills and Major Ghoul Techniques, which definitely pleased Lin Dong, just that damaged Mysterious Earth Armour alone was enough to satisfy him. Once he got a Soul Symbol Master to repair it using Mental Energy flames, this Mysterious Earth Armour will regain its defensive abilities. At that time, under the protection of the Mysterious Earth Armour, his survival rate will surely surge.

Besides the Mysterious Earth Armour, he had also obtained several Soul Treasures and Martial Art manuals. Finally, he also obtained a mid-ranked Symbol Puppet that could match up to an advanced Form Creation stage pract.i.tioner!

Lin Dong stood up from the ground, before he waved his sleeves and kept both Symbol Puppets inside his Qiankun bag. Then, he began to feel a dizzying sensation within his mind. Immediately, his eyebrows gently furrowed.

“Kid, after you forcefully consumed that fellow’s Mental Energy, you should quickly find a place and start to refine it. That fellow’s Mental Energy is slightly icy-cold and if you do not refine it properly, you will surely suffer. Even though your Destiny Soul Symbols were mirrored after the “Ancestral Symbols”, they can only imitate the “Ancestral Symbols” abilities, and they definitely do not possess the same absorption ability as the “Ancestral Symbols”…” Little Marten casually hovered beside Lin Dong, before it warned him.


Lin Dong gently nodded his head. He naturally knew that he must thoroughly refine the Mental Energy that he had absorbed. However, the most critical matter now was to look for a safe hideout.

“News of Hua Zong’s demise will probably reach Great Puppet City soon. At that time, the Ghastly Puppet Cult outpost stationed there will surely seek revenge by send countless elite pract.i.tioners to hunt after me…” Lin Dong’s eyes glimmered. He knew after killing Hua Zong, he would be in for a difficult time. However, now that he had already killed him, it was too late to regret. Therefore, he could only plan out his next move.

“I shall leave Great Puppet City first and refine Hua Zong’s Mental Energy inside a deep moutain. Even though the Ghastly Puppet Cult is very powerful, it is no simple feat for them to locate me within these vast mountains…”

Lin Dong’s face was solemn as he contemplated. He could likely match up to the elite pract.i.tioners from Ghastly Puppet Cult stationed at Great Puppet City. However, the one that he truly feared was Hua Zong’s father. That fact that he could become an elder at Ghastly Puppet Cult indicated that he must be quite powerful. Now that Lin Dong had murdered his son, that old fellow will surely use of all his power to locate him before he slaughtered him.

“Let’s meet up with Little Flame first.”

A glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes before his body dashed forth. When he left, he took extraordinary pains to hide his tracks.

As Lin Dong departed, this hideous-looking area became eerily silent. The vibrations that were left behind caused most Demonic Beasts to be fearful of approaching.

This silence lasted for nearly half an hour’s time, before it was suddenly disrupted by a hurried splitting wind sound. Then, two figures appeared before they landed on a collapsed tree. Their eyes swept across the area, before they finally stopped at an icy-cold corpse at the ground. Immediately, both of their bodies stiffened.

While their bodies stiffened, the two of them exchanged glances. Both of them could see the terror and awe in each other’s eyes. Immediately, their figures flashed before they landed beside Hua Zong. As they stared at the latter’s vengeful yet fearful face, the two of them felt a coldness emerge from within their hearts.

“That kid… actually killed Custodian Hua…” That eagle-nosed pract.i.tioner gulped as he coa.r.s.ely said.

“What should we do now?” The other man’s voice was trembling as he spoke. Hua Zong had a pretty solid standing in Ghastly Puppet Cult and most importantly, his father was an elder. Therefore, they could only imagine just how enraged that elder would be once news of this matter reached his ears.

“Lets bring him back first… That little b.a.s.t.a.r.d is finished. Soon, he will find out the terrifying consequences that await him…” That eagle-nosed pract.i.tioner softly said. Then, he bent his body and picked up Hua Zong’s corpse before he dashed towards Great Puppet City.

As he stared at his back, the other man also gulped. That Ghastly Puppet Cult elder had quite an infamous reputation. Therefore, he could already sense just how terrifying his rage would be.

Just like the eagle-nosed pract.i.tioner had said, the kid who had killed Hua Zong would doubtedly wound up in a much more morbid state.


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