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Chapter 304 Battle Against Half-step-to Manifestation

“Blood Slaughter Hand Cao Zhen? The Blood Slaughter Hand Cao Zhen who had single handedly ma.s.sacred the entire Great Yuan Origin Sect?”

“He’s actually still in Great Puppet City? Why has he not appeared for a whole year?”

“I’ve heard that Cao Zhen was at the peak of the Qi Creation stage and he had secluded himself in order to attack the Manifestation stage over these years. I do not know if he succeeded but based on his aura, he must be at least at the half-step-to Manifestation level!”

“Half-step-to Manifestation! I did not expect that Great Puppet City’s Ghastly Puppet Cult branch division would actually have such a powerful pract.i.tioner on guard. Lin Dong has truly miscalculated this time!”

“This is going to be really exciting. Half-step-to Manifestation. This can already be considered as one of the highest levels in the Great Desolate Province. One really does not know what Lin Dong’s chances of victory are against him.”

“I feel like his chances of victory should not exceed thirty percent. Half-step-to Manifestation. Although he is only halfway to reach the Manifestation stage, there is still an extremely enormous gap between it and the advanced Qi Creation stage…”


Gazing at the blood-colored figure of light which had flew out from the Ghastly Puppet Cult branch division, the entire Great Puppet City burst into an uproar. Bewildered gazes locked onto the figure of light as whispers spread out like a tide.

“It is indeed Blood Slaughter Hand Cao Zhen!”

Meanwhile, at the Great Devil Sect and Martial Alliance areas, Mu Qianqian’s, Wu Ci’s and the rest’s expressions changed as they stared at the blood colored figure in the sky. As residents of the Great Desolate Province, they were very familiar with this name, and had never imagined that this terrible and vicious person would really appear here. Now, Lin Dong was in a little danger…

“Blood Slaughter Hand Cao Zhen?”

Lin Dong’s eyes slightly narrowed as the looked towards the figure. At this moment, the figure’s radiance dimmed a little, revealing the figure within. He looked to be middle aged, with a b.l.o.o.d.y light circling around his entire body. His scarlet red long hair appeared particularly dazzling while a terribly cold aura was emitted from his body.

Moreover, what drew Lin Dong’s attention the most was that a scarlet red l.u.s.tre actually covered the fellow’s arms. They looked as if they was drenched in flesh blood and gave off traces of a fiendish aura.

“I did not think that the aura hidden within the Ghastly Puppet Cult branch division would actually be this person.” Lin Dong’s gaze flickered a little. He had heard of Blood Slaughter Hand Cao Zhen’s reputation before. He had single handedly turned an entire sect into rivers of blood, leaving nothing behind. His terrible name resounded across the whole Great Desolate Province and only during the recent years did it gradually vanish without a trace. It turns out, he was hidden here attacking the Manifestation stage!

“Heh, that fellow’s aura is clearly not completely at the Manifestation stage. He should be at most half-step-to Manifestation. Kid, do you need me to step in?” Little Marten’s voice eagerly rang out in Lin Dong’s mind.

“Half-step-to Manifestation, is that the same cultivation stage as Lin Langtian?” Upon hearing this, Lin Dong’s hands lightly clenched. Soon after, he shook his head and smiled in his heart: “No need to for the time being. I am looking forward to personally test exactly how good a half-step-to Manifestation pract.i.tioner is!”

In the ancient tablet s.p.a.ce, Lin Langtian had shown all kinds of disdain towards Lin Dong due to the former’s half-step-to Manifestation stage strength. Now that Lin Dong’s strength had greatly risen, he very much wanted to find out exactly how powerful a half-step-to Manifestation pract.i.tioner was!

Hence, rather than saying that he insisted on fighting with this Cao Zhen, one might as well say that he wanted to use this opportunity to determine exactly what was between him and Lin Langtian!

“Captain Cao Zhen!”

When the Ghastly Puppet Cult pract.i.tioners saw Cao Zhen appear, they were delighted and immediately crowded over while their faces were full of respect. Even Teng Lei acted extremely courteously.

“All of you are simply too disappointing. With so many of you around, yet you guys were provoked by a younger generation in front of everyone, causing our Ghastly Puppet Cult’s reputation to hit rock bottom.” Cao Zhen’s gaze swept indifferently across Teng Lei and the rest, yet his dull voice caused one to feel a chill.

“Captain, it’s not that we are useless, but this Lin Dong does indeed have some skills.” One of the Ghastly Puppet Cult pract.i.tioners bitterly laughed.

“Uncle Cao Zhen, this Lin Dong has constantly caused trouble for our Ghastly Puppet Cult. Furthermore, he even s.n.a.t.c.hed away the high-tier Symbol Puppet that should have belonged to us in the ancient tablet domain. Therefore, we must not let him off!” Teng Lei gritted his teeth and said.


When he heard his words, a cold tinge flashed across Cao Zhen’s eyes, before he slowly lifted his head and stared at Lin Dong, who was standing nearby. Without further ado, he slowly took a step forth, before blood red Yuan Power danced around his body, just like a hurricane.

“My Ghastly Puppet Cult has been established in Great Desolate Province for many years. All the years, no one has dared to insult us. Kid, I do not care where you are from. Today, I shall claim your life!”

Cao Zhen stood in mid-air with a cold expression on his face. His icy-cold voice was filled with an unconcealable and domineering tone. At the same time, blood red Yuan Power howled from within his body before they transformed into various skeletal structures around him. His aura was truly astounding and caused one to be fearful of underestimating him.

“I am afraid you don’t have what it takes!” Lin Dong chuckled while golden glow undulated on his body. He did not intend to give in even in this battle of words.

“Haha, it has been so many years since anyone dared to speak to me in this manner. It is indeed true that a newborn does not fear a tiger. However, I am not a kind hearted teacher. Since you do not understand this principle, you shall pay for it with your life!” Cao Zhen laughed heartily. However, a rich killing intent flowed within his laughter.

When he heard his words, Lin Dong snorted. Then, he did not bother to speak with him any more, as he gripped his palm. Golden glow instantly swarmed across the horizons, before they directly materialized into a gigantic golden platform, before Lin Dong viciously flung it against Cao Zhen’s head.

“Kid, I will make you regret every single word you said!” As he stared at that incoming golden platform, Cao Zhen coldly chuckled. However, he actually showed no intention of retreating. Instead, a b.l.o.o.d.y golden glow undulated on his arms, before he immediately punched forth and slammed against that golden platform.


A crisp metallic sound ricocheted clearly across the skies while an astounding energy shock wind swept forth. Then, that gigantic golden platform was actually blown away by a single punch from Cao Zhen. It seems like half-step to Manifestation was indeed far more powerful than advanced Qi Creation stage!

“Kid, I shall let you experience my Great Demonic Blood Devouring Arm!”

After blowing away that golden platform with a single punch, Cao Zhen’s figure violently dashed forth before he swiftly appeared in front of Lin Dong just like a b.l.o.o.d.y ghost with a b.l.o.o.d.y glow undulated on his arms. Then, blood red energy skulls that were constantly howling, swiftly materialized under his fist, before they filled the horizons and rained down on Lin Dong.

“Ugh ugh!”

These skulls were extremely peculiar. Once they materialized, they immediately released a series of piercing cries. These cries seemed to affect one’s mental state and caused one to be unable to focus on dealing with their enemy.

“What a strange technique. However, it is not so easy to disrupt my mental state!” When he heard those peculiar cries, Lin Dong was somewhat taken aback. Promptly, with a flick of his mind, streams of Mental Energy fire swiftly materialized in front of him.

“You shall break!”

When those Mental Energy flames appeared, Lin Dong swayed his fist as resplendent Great Sun Thunder Yuan erupted forth and transformed into several gigantic glowing fist. Then, these Mental Energy flames plastered themselves onto the gigantic fist before they lightning-quick clashed against Cao Zhen’s b.l.o.o.d.y arms.

“Bang bang bang!”

After a violent collision, those b.l.o.o.d.y skulls were quickly destroyed by the Mental Energy flames. Meanwhile, the powerful Yuan Power behind those b.l.o.o.d.y arms were all countered by those gigantic glowing fists.

“Great kid, you can actually use Mental Energy flames together with Yuan Power to destroy my b.l.o.o.d.y fists!” When he saw this his attack had actually been countered by Lin Dong, that Cao Zhen was evidently shocked. However, he was still a genuine half-step to-Manifestation pract.i.tioner. Therefore, he jerked his body, before an exceedingly powerful Yuan Power erupted forth and forcefully blew away all all those gigantic Yuan Power fists that were coated with Mental Energy Flames.

“Buzz buzz!”

After blowing away those gigantic fists, Cao Zhen quickly took a few steps forward, while he bent his palms into a claw like shape. Then, blood red Yuan Power quickly gathered on his fingertips. Just like a sharp blade, he viciously stabbed at Lin Dong’s vital organs.


However, as he faced Cao Zhen’s formidable attack, Lin Dong’s body instantly turned into a gla.s.s-like color, while his body began to gradually expand. Right now, he had pushed his Yuan Power, Jade Thunder Body as well Demonic Ape Transformation to the maximum. His strength was extremely powerful and he directly fought back against that Cao Zhen without retreating at all!

In the skies, two figures lighting-quick crossed blows and caused countless shockwave to swept forth. Countless people below were staring right at them. After all, all of them knew that they two of them were having a death-match. Therefore, if any of them made a slight mistake, they would instantly be killed!

“That Lin Dong is actually able to rely on his initial Qi Creation stage stamina to evenly match up against Cao Zhen, who is at half-step to Manifestation. That is simply incredible!”

“Yeah, however, in terms of Yuan Power reserve, he is definitely lacking compared to Cao Zhen. If this drags on, he will gradually begin to tire!”

“However, that Cao Zhen is Great Desolate Province’s famed elite pract.i.tioner. Now that he has been forced into such a sorry state by a younger generation member, it seems somewhat unsightly…”


That astounding battle that took place in mid-air caused several people to stare in awe. At the same time, it also invited some whispers down below.


Just as those whispers ended, an explosion occurred in mid-air. Then, the crowd saw Lin Dong’s figure retreat several dozen steps before he finally stabilized himself. Evidently, in terms of their Yuan Power strength, he was still lacking compared to Cao Zhen.

“You are pretty capable to fight several rounds against me. However, if that is all you have got, I shall claim your life within the next ten rounds!”

Cao Zhen’s stared at Lin Dong. Even though he held the upper hand, his face was grim. After all, in his eyes, Lin Dong was merely a younger generation member…

“Haha, awesome!”

In contrast to Cao Zhen’ expression, Lin Dong was laughing heartily. Their previous bout was like a lightning in the bottle and even though he only escaped barely, it was extremely exciting. These types of battles were exactly what he needed.

“Half-step-to Manifestation is indeed capable. However, it seems like that’s all you have got!”

Lin Dong take a step forward, while all the Yuan Power in his body erupted forth. Immediately, the skies began to darken. In fact, all the Yuan Power in this s.p.a.ce began to rage at this moment.

When he saw that Lin Dong had actually triggered a change in the natural environment, Cao Zhen’s face began to turn solemn.

“Uncle Cao Zhen, be careful. That kid is about to use a Manifestation Martial Arts!” Standing nearby, Teng Lei’s pupils shrunk as he shouted out.

“Manifestation Martial Arts!”

When he heard those words, Cao Zhen’s eyes froze. Promptly, he laughed nonchalantly: “So what if he knows Manifestation Martial Arts!” Kid, today I shall let you know that even if you possess a Manifestation Martial Arts, in front of somewhat who is truly skilled, you are still nothing at all!”

“In that case, prove to me that you have the right to utter those words!”

Lin Dong chuckled as the Yuan Power in his body gushed forth and swept across the horizons. Instantly, storm clouds filled the horizons while the Yuan Power in this domain started to rage. At the same time, Lin Dong’s icy cold voice, filled with killing intent, suddenly ricocheted across the entire city.

“Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger, Half Finger Shock the Heavens!”


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