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Chapter 426 Finally Enough

The killing intent that permeated the bazaar finally diminished stealthily. After the crowd stared at a hideous and battered Jin Mu, all of them involuntarily turned to look at Lin Dong. All of them knew that after this fight, Lin Dong’s name will spread across the entire Yang City. After all, in this city, only a half-step-to Nirvana stage pract.i.tioner had the rights to speak. Therefore, since Lin Dong was able to force Jin Mu, who was a half-step-to Nirvana pract.i.tioner, till such a sorry extent, he obviously possessed the same qualifications as well.

Jin Mu’s expression was extremely cold and insidious. In fact, one could faintly discern a twisted expression on his face as he stared venomously at Lin Dong. Even though his heart was filled with a overwhelming killing intent, he clearly knew that though Lin Dong’s cultivation level was weaker than his, his battle ability was extremely formidable. Therefore, even for someone like him, it would be very difficult to defeat Lin Dong.

“Let’s see how long you can be arrogant for. Sooner or later, I will make you suffer till you beg for your own death. You will definitely regret the day you offended my Saint Light Empire!” Jin Mu gritted his teeth as he venomously cursed in his heart in order to relieve the hatred and anger in his heart.

Lin Dong chose to ignore a grim-looking Jin Mu, as his eyes calmly glanced at Hai Sha, who was hovering in mid-air, with a soft and eerie smile on his face. That fellow was obviously close with Jin Mu. Based on Lin Dong’s current strength, he naturally did not fear one half-step-to Nirvana pract.i.tioner. However, if he was forced to fight against two of them, it would be a little troublesome for him. Of course, if it were a real life-and-death scenario, he would directly summon his Blood Soul Puppet and slaughter both of them…

Nonetheless, unless it was truly a critical junction, Lin Dong did not want to resort to this move. Blood Soul Puppet was his hidden ace and it was best for him not to reveal it so quickly. Therefore, after Hai Sha spoke previously, he decided to stop…

After the great battle ended, the atmosphere in the bazaar turned slightly strange. Since the two main actors had not left, no one dared to leave as well.

“This friend, do you want my Great Sun Thunder Body for ten thousand Nirvana Pills?” Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly turned towards that tanned muscular man from Steel Empire, before he took out his glowing tube and asked.

“Oh?” When he saw Lin Dong’s actions, that tanned muscular man was slightly taken aback. Promptly, he revealed his pearly white teeth as he laughed heartily and said: “Alright, since you have given me such a generous offer, how can I turn it down?”

If he had auctioned his Great Sun Thunder Body, he could obtain at least thirteen thousand Nirvana Pills. Now that he had offered it for ten thousand pills, it was a fairly reasonable price.

Furthermore, after Lin Dong displayed his strength, that tanned muscular man was fairly appreciative of Lin Dong’s talents. After all, in this area, strength reigns supreme. In fact, Hai Sha would likely no longer dare to speak to Lin Dong in such a disrespectful manner as he had done so previously. Moreover, an additional friend would lead to more opportunities and both Lin Dong and that tanned muscular man had the same idea in mind. Therefore, since Lin Dong had graciously offered an opportunity to form a relations.h.i.+p, there was no reason to reject his offer.

When he saw Lin Dong’s action, Hai Sha’s expression turned slightly grim. After all, though he was quite keen on that Great Sun Thunder Body, Lin Dong had chose to ignore him and directly offer it at a discounted price to someone else. This was akin to a slap on his face.

However, though he felt displeased, he did not threaten Lin Dong like he had done before. That was because he was keenly aware that based on Lin Dong’s strength, he had no reason to fear him at all.

“Here, this young friend. This is ten thousand Nirvana Pills. My name is Mo Tei from Steel Empire!” That tanned muscular man’s figure flashed before he directly appeared next to Lin Dong. Following which, he directly handed over a Qiankun bag before he spoke with a smile.

“Lin Dong.” Lin Dong gently smiled as he took that Qiankun bag. At the same time, he handed his glowing tube over. However, he did not mention which empire he was from. That was because, it was completely meaningless. In this ancient battlefield, it does not matter which empire you came from. Without strength, one was useless and one’s background would not help at all.

When he took that Qiankun bag, Lin Dong casually glanced at the round and fiery Nirvana Pills in that bag, before his heart gradually turned heated as well. It seems like in addition to the previous Nirvana Pills that he had obtained, he was close to acc.u.mulating thirty thousand Nirvana Pills…

“That’s right, I have an Earthly Soul Treasure in my possession as well. I wonder if Brother Mo Tei is interested?” Since he found a customer, Lin Dong could not be bothered to continue with the auction. After all, the most pressing matter was to acc.u.mulate thirty thousand Nirvana Pills and refine his Blood Soul Puppet.

As he spoke, Lin Dong flipped his palm, before the Saint Light Drum that he s.n.a.t.c.hed from Li Sheng, appeared in his palm. Immediately, a powerful energy shockwave emerged.

“Saint Light Drum, three thousand Nirvana Pills.”

“An Earthly Soul Treasure?” When he saw this situation, Mo Tei did not feel shocked. Based on their current status, who did not have Earthy Soul Treasures? However, none of them would mind having more treasures. At most, they could give it away to their pals or it would provide a small boost to their strength. Therefore, when he heard Lin Dong’s offer, he immediately waved his hand and unceremoniously kept that Soul Treasure in his bag.

When he saw how forthright Mo Tei was, Lin Dong involuntarily smiled. He truly envied these rich princelings who did not even flinch at all when they spent a few thousand Nirvana Pills.

Nearby, when Jin Mu saw this sight, his originally steel-green face darkened. He naturally knew that the Saint Light Drum was Li Sheng’s Soul Treasure…

“Haha, truth be told, I am most interested in the physical-enhancing martial arts that brother Lin Dong has cultivated. If brother Lin Dong is willing to sell it, even if I have to p.a.w.n all my possessions, I will buy it.” Mo Tei stared at Lin Dong. His eyes were extremely sharp and it was as if he could see the golden glow flowing beneath Lin Dong’s skin. He also understood that the reason why Lin Dong was able to withstand the corrosive force from Jin Mu, was largely because of his powerful physical-enhancing martial arts.

When he heard his words, Lin Dong gently raised his brows. It seems like Mo Tei’s eyes were extremely sharp. Perhaps the reason why he could actually detect how powerful his “Lesser Nirvana Golden Body” was because he had cultivated in physical-enhancing martial arts as well.

“Haha, that martial arts is still incomplete. If I finish it in the future, I will consider selling it to brother Mo Tei.”

Lin Dong obviously had no intention of selling his “Lesser Nirvana Golden Body”. After all, he had personally experienced the might of his physical-enhancing martial arts. If he sold it to someone else, it might become a major threat to him in future. Even though he had a relations.h.i.+p with Mo Tei, it was not a deep one.

With regards to Lin Dong’s answer, Mo Tei was not surprised by it. He had only mentioned it casually. After all, even their Steel Empire did not possess such a powerful physical-enhancing martial arts. Therefore, how could Lin Dong be willing to put it up for sale.

“Brother Lin Dong, it is fate that brought us together. How about we look for a place to converse?” Mo Tei changed the topic as he asked with a smile.

“Alright.” Lin Dong did not reject his offer. Mo Tei was evidently trying to build a relations.h.i.+p with him and he did not want the entire city to be filled with his enemies. Right now, since he had offended Jin Mu and Hai Sha, it would be quite beneficial if he could secure a few allies.

When he saw Lin Dong respecting his offer, Mo Tei was obviously delighted. Immediately, he took charge and led the way. Under the stares of the crowd, a group of men left the bazaar.

“That b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

When he saw Lin Dong’s departing figure, Jin Mu was finally unable to suppress the rage in his heart as he immediately smacked a stone chair nearby into dust.

“Jin Mu, that kid is no easy mark. It seems like we will have another formidable foe in the fight for the mysterious ancient key.” Hai Sha gradually descended from mid-air as he casually said.

“What’s there to be afraid of? The reason why that kid can match up against me is because of his martial arts. That martial arts must take a heavy toll on him and it is difficult for him to keep executing it. In the future, if we have the opportunity, let’s attack him together and quickly slaughter him before he even gets the chance to use his martial arts!” Jin Mu venomously said.

“Mo Tei actually wants to form an ally with that kid. In the future, if we have the opportunity, we should attack his Steel Empire and s.n.a.t.c.h all their Nirvana Pills. It would be a pretty good haul.” Hai Sha chuckled as he said.

“Don’t worry, I have allied ourselves with several powerful empires. At that time, none of them shall escape!” Jin Mu slowly gripped his fists, while a venomous and poisonous glint glimmered in his eyes.


“Haha, I have hated that Jin Mu for a long while. It is really heartening to watch brother Lin Dong thrash him today.” On a spire in Yang City, Mo Tei and the rest split up and sat in different tables. Meanwhile, hearty laughs emerged from the tables.

Lin Dong smiled and he chose not to elaborate.

“The reason why brother Lin Dong came to Yang City is because of the mysterious ancient key?” When Mo Tei saw that Lin Dong was not interested in this topic, his tone changed as he asked.

“Is there anyone in Yang City who is not interested in the mysterious ancient key?” Lin Dong gently smiled as he said.

“That’s right. However, there are countless powerful pract.i.tioners in Yang City. Just mid-grade empires alone, there are already several of them here. Meanwhile, for low-grade empires, there are hundreds and thousands of them.” Mo Tei sighed as he said.

Lin Dong gently nodded his head. The empires in East Xuan region were divided into categories as well. For example, Saint Light Empire and Steel Empire are considered as mid-grade empires, while their Great Yan Dynasty was at most a low-grade empire.

Typically speaking, most mid-grade empires have a half-step-to Nirvana stage pract.i.tioner. Therefore, it seems like there would be plenty of half-step-to Nirvana stage pract.i.tioners in Yang City. Even though Lin Dong was able to match up against a half-step-to Nirvana stage pract.i.tioner, he was unable to gain much edge over them.

“Brother Mo Tei, could you tell me where the mysterious ancient key will appear?” Lin Dong’s eyes turned as he asked.

“It is no big secret in Yang City.” With regards to Lin Dong, Mo Tei had planned on building on a good relations.h.i.+p with him. Therefore, he chose not to conceal this matter as he directly told him: “The place where the mysterious ancient key is located at is the Thunder Granite Mountain Range near Yang City. However, there are countless demonic beasts in that mountain range and some of them are able to match up to a half-step-to Nirvana stage pract.i.tioner. In fact, in the deepest regions, there are even Nirvana stage demonic beasts.”

“Nirvana stage demonic beasts?”

Lin Dong’s heart shuddered. It seems like it would be no easy feat to obtain the mysterious ancient key. Besides competing with so many other empires, they had to worry about powerful demonic beasts as well.

“Deep inside the Thunder Granite Mountain Range, there is a Thunder Mountain Valley. It is reputed that this Thunder Mountain Valley is a place where an ancient elite pract.i.tioner trained at and that ancient elite pract.i.tioner is one of the guardians protecting the mysterious ancient key. Therefore, the mysterious ancient key should be hidden in that Thunder Granite Valley.”

“Hehe, not long ago, a half-step-to Nirvana stage pract.i.tioner, who is extremely adept at concealing himself, sneaked into the Thunder Granite Valley. It is reputed that there are numerous precious treasures, martial arts, elixirs, Soul Treasures and even the legendary Heavenly Symbol Deity Tree. As long as one is able to refine it, it will allow those high-grade Symbol Masters to make another breakthrough and advance to Heaven Symbol Masters. At that time, they would become powerful enough to match up to a Nirvana stage pract.i.tioner…”

“Heavenly Symbol Deity Tree?!”

When these four words entered into his ears, Lin Dong’s mind instantly buzzed. Promptly, awe and delight surged into his eyes.


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