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Chapter 1413 – Change To The Heaven Defying Bead!

The moment the Vermillion Bird went through its fourth awakening, all the fire in the Earth Trial began to gather from all directions. In the blink of an eye, it all fused into the Vermillion Bird’s body.

The fragments of the nine-colored fire lotus formed a nine-colored armor around the Vermillion Bird. Then the sea of fire arrived, and in just a moment, all of it was absorbed by the Vermillion Bird.

From afar, it no longer looked a Vermillion Bird, but an eternal fire spirit! The fire inside had already reached the peak of corporeal fire and only needed one step to reach the realm of Ethereal Fire!

The Vermillion Bird fire spirit seemed to distort as the fire roared, and it was going through its final transformation phase. The process could be long or short, but it couldn’t be disturbed. Once it was disturbed, this once-in-lifetime opportunity would dissipate and the fourth awakening would revert, leaving no chance of another fourth awakening!

This was an extremely critical moment for w.a.n.g Lin!

However, just at this moment, a shocking change that w.a.n.g Lin couldn’t have predicted occured!

The 10,000 cultivators were all starting at the earth incense stick, but only a few noticed that a shocking change was occurring in the magnetic fog around the Great Emperor Planet. The magnetic force was churning the fog, and m.u.f.fled rumbles could be heard from within.

The Great Emperor Planet was shaped like a bar, and normally it would very difficult to detect its rotation. However, at this moment, the entire planet rumbled and the sky changed colors. The surrounding cultivators all felt like the earth was shaking and the sky was trembling!

The Great Emperor Planet began to slowly rotate!

From an almost unnoticeable rotation, it got faster and faster until it was like a needle spinning frantically on a compa.s.s!

This change immediately caused the expressions of the surrounding cultivators to change. Master Simo’s eyes were filled with terror as he suddenly looked up.

Grandmaster Yun Luo’s hand was still forming seals when, with a bang, her right hand became a b.l.o.o.d.y mess. Her body was knocked back, her face became pale, and she coughed out a mouthful of blood.

“The upheaval of the Great Emperor planet, a calamity will descend upon the Ancient Star System!” Grandmaster Yun Luo trembled as she retreated with fear in her eyes.

Her divination just now had reached a critical point, and she was about to divinate the truth when a force came out of nowhere and caused her right hand to explode.

However, the moment her right hand was crippled and her divination was interrupted, she saw a blurry image.

In that image, there was a blurry figure surrounded by a bead. There was also a pointer of a compa.s.s behind him. It was the Ancient Star System, and it was filled with a monstrous blood light, and countless dead bodies could be seen!

The entire Ancient Star System was dyed blood red!

She saw Dao Master Miao Yin’s flesh collapse and origin soul destroyed. She also saw the various third step cultivators of the Ancient Star System all dying tragically.

She also saw the collapse of the Sealed Realm Formation!

She also saw herself and a palm from the vague figure swinging at her. Intense pain filled her body as her body was reduced to ashes and her origin soul died. The moment her origin soul was destroyed, she let out a miserable scream.

As she that scream echoed, at the moment of her death, that blurry figure seemed to turn around and looked at her.

This gaze became her nightmare!

Grandmaster Yun Luo coughed out blood once more and retreated several hundred feet. She had never felt so afraid before.

Dao Master Miao Yin also jumped up, and the cloud below him dissipated. He caught the fan and his divine sense spread out, his expression immediately changing.

Not only him, Dao Master Blue Dream’s eyes also narrowed. He waved his right hand and blue light surrounded his daughter. His gaze locked onto the already chaotic sky.

At this moment, the sky was filled with fog and endless magnetic force! The magnetic fog around the planet suddenly descended!

The old Vermillion Bird’s expression was extremely serious as he silently looked up.

Even the old man on the lizard that had his eyes closed the whole time suddenly opened his eyes in shock.

If they reacted like this, there was no need to talk about the surrounding 10,000 cultivators. They all scattered and fear filled their minds. They could feel the earth tremble and that the Great Emperor Planet was rapidly rotating. Of course, they were rotating with it.

There was also that giant tortoise on the arena. It raised its head and let out a sharp roar.

Even more magnetic fog appeared in the sky. The fog formed a vortex in the sky before everyone’s eyes and descended on the giant tortoise on the arena!

The 10,000 surrounding cultivators all scattered and fear filled their eyes.

Only the old Vermillion Bird and company remained motionless as they stared at the incoming magnetic vortex.

The magnetic vortex suddenly descended. It wasn’t attacking the giant tortoise but aimed at the earth incense stick! In a flash, the vortex entered the earth incense stick.

From afar, this scene looked very shocking. It was as if the earth incense stick had become a black hole that devoured all the surrounding magnetic fog.

The old Vermillion Bird’s eyes filled with shock and he subconsciously gasped.

“This…” Master Simo’s expression revealed terror. He was in a daze and couldn’t guess what was happening in the earth incense stick!

As for the pale Grandmaster Yun Luo, when she saw the magnetic fog enter the earth incense stick, the fear in her eyes became even stronger!

“Could it be… Could it be that the blurry figure was him!?!”

Dao Master Miao Yun was also staring at the earth incense stick. His mind was trembling and he roared in his heart, “Heaven Defying Bead, this is definitely the power of the Heaven Defying Bead!!!”

Inside the earth incense stick, w.a.n.g Lin was at the key moment of his fire’s transformation into Ethereal Fire. However, the Heaven Defying Bead inside his body suddenly erupted with origin energy.

w.a.n.g Lin’s expression changed and he felt the Earth Trial tremble as if it was rapidly rotating. However, with him inside the trial, it was difficult to judge right away.

At this moment, the sky of the Earth Trial was replaced by fog. This fog contained powerful magnetic force, and after it covered the whole sky, it charged at w.a.n.g Lin!

w.a.n.g Lin couldn’t dodge at all. The endless magnetic force rushed into his body and toward the Heaven Defying Bead! The Heaven Defying Bead appeared on his chest and looked like a cyclone that continued to devour the magnetic force.

It flashed rapidly, and every time it flashed, even more magnetic fog was absorbed.

All of this happened in a flash. w.a.n.g Lin felt his body rumble. As the Heaven Defying Bead absorbed the magnetic force, it released a force into his soul and images flashed in his mind!

The images all contained the same thing!

It was a giant compa.s.s!

This compa.s.s was very large; it could be compared to s.p.a.ce itself! On the compa.s.s, there was a large pointer that was slowly turning. There was flash light that came from the pointer and went into the unknown.

At the center of the compa.s.s was a socket with a giant bead. That bead was… the Heaven Defying Bead!

At the same time the images appeared in w.a.n.g Lin’s mind, an illusion that shocked everyone’s minds appeared around the Great Emperor Planet as well!

Outside the Great Emperor Planet, there were flashes of light, and a giant compa.s.s appeared! After the illusion appeared, the Great Emperor Planet in the middle looked like a pointer!

At this moment, the Giant Emperor Planet was rapidly rotating just like a compa.s.s pointer spinning!

There was a blurry bead at the center of the compa.s.s. This bead was cloudy, and a vague figure could be seen inside. This figure was w.a.n.g Lin!

The pointer-like Great Emperor Planet suddenly trembled and stopped rotating. It was pointing at the southwest direction!

The moment it stopped rotating, a ray of ghostly light flashed from the Great Emperor Planet and shot out toward the southwest direction of the Ancient Star System!

The ghostly light was something unknown and moved at an indescribable speed. In a flash, it shot into the distance. Anything that got in its path, whether it was cultivators or cultivation planets, silently dinstegrated.

In a flash, the ghostly light arrived at the end of the southwest direction. This was where the Sealed Realm Formation was! The Sealed Realm Formation had cultivators stationed there at all times. All the cultivators felt their vision blur, and in a flash, these nearly 1,000  cultivators’ bodies all disintegrated.

The ghostly light directly collided with the Sealed Realm Formation. The Sealed Realm Formation seemed to boil and all the treasure spirits appeared. Then the ghostly light dissipated. It was unknown if it had merged with the formation or pierced into it.

The illusory compa.s.s around the Great Emperor Planet slowly dissipated and the planet stopped rotating, returning back to the way it was before. Inside the Earth Trial, the Heaven Defying Bead inside w.a.n.g Lin absorbed the last of the magnetic force. Then endless magnetic force rushed out of the bead as if it was spitting back out all of the magnetic force that was devoured.

w.a.n.g Lin’s body was like a sieve as the large amount of magnetic fog erupted from his body. The Vermillion Bird that was at the critical moment of turning from corporeal fire to Ethereal Fire was the first to bear the brunt of the magnetic force.

The moment the magnetic force swept by, all the corporeal fire collapsed and turned into Ethereal Fire. However, due to the magnetic force that swept by, the fire went through a bizarre change!

If the first generation Vermillion Bird ancestor saw this change, even he would be shocked!


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