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Chapter 632 – The Seed to Break Relations With the All-Seer

Wu Ma, who was next to Cheng Long, had a crestfallen expression as he whispered, “Shen Hou’s body has already been devoured by them; even his origin soul couldn’t escape…”

Cheng Long revealed a bitter expression. Of the Twelve Swords, aside from Wei Yan, who died, and Zi Shu and Hai Zhu, who stayed outside, the remaining nine members had all followed Greed to this Tide Abyss.

Greed mentioned that after he observed this place for a while, he concluded that the greatest treasure in the Demon Spirit Land was in this Tide Abyss. Everyone else beside Chen Long was tempted by Greed’s words.

They had personally seen countless treasures and exotic things that would make anyone’s eyes red get sucked into this Demon Spirit Land at the East Demon Spirit Sea.

It could be said that their purpose for coming here, aside from getting the ancient demon’s inheritance, was to get these items.

Chen Long had always been calm. Although he felt that something was wrong, he couldn’t find a reason to refuse. However, he did make a plan: he didn’t have all of them enter together. Instead, he had three of them split off into another group with Chou Niu as the leader to enter from a different entrance. They kept communicating with each other and even left Zi Shu and Hai Zhu outside.

When they had just entered the Tide Abyss, everything was very smooth. However, this immediately changed once Greed took some unknown item from a cave!

They were suddenly attacked by these mysterious beasts and were trapped here. They were unable to escape and had been trapped here for nearly 100 years!

Although 100 years sounds slow, it pa.s.sed by very quickly for them. They were trapped in this abyss without day or night. The dark fog surrounded them, and if they dared to go out, they would encounter and be attacked by those countless beasts.

Junior Brother Shen Hou died during an attempt at a forced breakthrough. Even though he used master’s sword energy before he died and killed some beasts, there was simply too many of them!

Chen Long knew that even if they gathered all of the sword energies, they wouldn’t be able to leave here.

“This can’t last!” Chen Long took a deep breath, stood up, and looked at Greed.

His action immediately caused the other four Da Lou Sword Sect disciples to stand up. They stood in positions that surrounded Greed.

Greed’s expression was still gloomy as he let out a hoa.r.s.e laugh.

“Fellow nephews, what is the meaning of this?”

Chen Long said, in a serious tone, “Senior Greed, junior wants to know what you obtained in that cave!”

Greed’s eyes revealed a hint of mockery as he said, “You want to know?” With that, he slapped his bag of holding and a oval-shaped egg appeared in his hand.

There weren’t any signs of life on this egg; it was shrouded with an aura of death.

Chen Long’s gaze fell on the egg for a moment. After all this time, he had gained some understanding of Greed. Greed’s cultivation was related to death, so it would make sense for Greed to use this to help his cultivation.

However, it wasn’t certain if this was really what Greed had found.

“Little brats, this old man will ignore your disrespectful tone in consideration of your master’s face once. If there is a next time, don’t blame me for being ruthless. Hmph, when I started cultivating, you guys weren’t even born yet. No one who dares to speak to me like this lives!” Greed’s eyes became cold. Although his voice was soft, in the Da Lou Sword Sect disciples’ ears, it was like roaring thunder. Aside from Chen Long, everyone else subconsciously backed up.

Chen Long lowered his head and a hint of killing intent flashed across his eyes. He respectfully said, “Please don’t blame us, Senior. Junior was just impatient. After all, we have been trapped here for almost 100 years.”

Greed closed his eyes and slowly said, “What’s the rush? At most your master will arrive in 100 years and will rescue you all.”

Chen Long sat down in the lotus position and began to ponder. He had already found something strange about Greed. Greed seemed to want to stay here and not leave; there must be a reason for that!

While the Da Lou Sword Sect disciples were having a disagreement with Greed, w.a.n.g Lin was rus.h.i.+ng toward the Tide Abyss exit in the Fire Demon Country. w.a.n.g Lin had already heard about this Tide Abyss from Yao Xixue.

According to Yao Xixue, the token that made even people like the All-Seer’s eyes turn red was inside the depths of the Tide Abyss.

w.a.n.g Lin was also aware that Greed and the disciples of the Da Lou Sword Sect had mysteriously disappeared 100 years ago and that their whereabouts were unknown. He had a bold guess that Greed’s group had also gone to the Tide Abyss.

If Greed’s group came out, then it wouldn’t be an issue. However, if they were still inside, then w.a.n.g Lin must properly prepare the exit in the Fire Demon Country to cover his bases.

He was using greater teleportation, so he moved very fast toward the Tide Abyss exit in the Fire Demon Country.

While he flew, he couldn’t help but recall the scene where he fused with the grey figure during his experience of the ancient demon’s inheritance. The grey-robed figure was the one that practiced the Celestial Slaughter Art. At the moment he fused with the grey figure, he felt like he had gained enlightenment, and the number of slaughter energy strands increased from one million to ten million.

However, at the instant the slaughter energy reached ten million, all of the life seals merged together to form a strange symbol!

This symbol contained the power of ten million strands of slaughter energy. At the moment it appeared, it immediately left w.a.n.g Lin’s control and imprinted between his eyebrows.

This symbol penetrated through his body and landed directly on his origin soul. It integrated with the origin energy inside his soul. As the two fused, there was a mysterious transformation that immediately cut the connection between w.a.n.g Lin’s origin soul and his body.

Then his origin soul melted within three breaths of time and was absorbed by that symbol. Then all of the vitality in his body turned into a strands of grey gas and was also absorbed by that symbol.

w.a.n.g Lin watched all of this from a third person view. After experiencing this first hand, his eyes revealed thick coldness and monstrous killing intent.

He watched his body and origin soul, his everything, get absorbed by the symbol made of ten million strands of slaughter energy. Then the symbol broke out from his body just like a parasite that had absorbed all the nutrients from its host’s body.

Then the symbol flew out with the smell of blood and with a bang turned into a strand of slaughter energy.

This was the real slaughter energy!

w.a.n.g Lin’s heart trembled. Even though it had been some time and even though he was flying right now, just recalling that scene made him feel lingering fear.

He took a deep breath. The coldness and killing intent in his eyes were about to explode, but he immediately hid them deep inside of himself.

w.a.n.g Lin wasn’t able to distinguish whether the scene that occurred in that mysterious s.p.a.ce was was real or fake. However, with w.a.n.g Lin’s understanding of the Celestial Slaughter Art, he felt that it wasn’t fake!

w.a.n.g Lin recalled the mysterious state he was in. It was as if time itself had descended on his body and allowed him to instantly comprehend a spell to its completion. This allowed him to deepen his understanding of the spell.

Those gifted by the heavens could even create a spell that belonged to them under this mysterious state. Then, by using countless simulations, they could refine the spell countless times to finally reach a state of near perfection.

Sun Yun was someone who did that!

w.a.n.g Lin’s talent changed a lot during these 800 years and was changed even more by his celestial body. Even so, compared to Sun Yun’s talent, which even amazed the Ancient Demon, his talent was far too low.

He couldn’t create his own spell, but with his own wit and observations, he gained clarity in the shortest time possible in that mysterious s.p.a.ce. He was more decisive than Sun Yun and directly fused with the grey-robed figure that was disappearing at the fastest rate.

It has to be said that Sun Yun only regained his clarity after a majority of the illusions had disappeared.

w.a.n.g Lin’s decisiveness was an aspect that not something ordinary people could compare to. Even the All-Seer would never have guessed that w.a.n.g Lin would be able to obtain the secret of the Celestial Slaughter Art during the ancient demon’s inheritance!

“All-Seer! I once said that if you didn’t turn your back on me, I wouldn’t turn my back on you…“ w.a.n.g Lin’s voice was cold as it echoed across the sky like the wind.

“The Celestial Slaughter Art is indeed amazing. However, All-Seer, you are simply too vicious. Fortunately, my comprehension was low and was limited to only one million strands of slaughter energy. If my comprehension was greater and had achieved ten million strands of slaughter energy, I’m afraid I would have already become a symbol. I would have become a true strand of slaughter energy and would have been absorbed by you!”

As w.a.n.g Lin flew, he let out a big breath.

“The grey-robed All-Seer said back then that he taught me the Celestial Slaughter Art due to my domain… Back then, I didn’t think too much about it. Now that I think back to what happened, I’m afraid it was because the All-Seer saw me cultivate the life and death domain back on Suzaku that he decided to accept me as his disciple!”

w.a.n.g Lin closed his eyes. When he opened them again, his eyes were clear. He teleported and disappeared.

“I’m a bit paranoid about this matter, so I can’t make an immediate verdict. The All-Seer has been kind to me, and back then it was my own choice to learn the Celestial Slaughter Art, but he did seem to push me… I will have to carefully observe this in the future. However, the All-Seer is simply too powerful. If I don’t have the power, I can’t let him know I know about all of this… As for the Celestial Slaughter Art, I’ll need to carefully study it to find an opening!”

w.a.n.g Lin remained at the Tide Abyss exit in the Fire Demon Country for several days. He didn’t place any powerful restrictions or seals. Instead, he did the opposite and left some simple yet extremely well-hidden restrictions.

These restrictions had no offensive power, but they could act as a way of tracking people. If someone came out, the restriction would leave an imprint on them for w.a.n.g Lin to find. Unless their cultivation level was extremely high, it would be impossible for people to detect the imprint.

After doing all of this, w.a.n.g Lin threw away all distractions and flew toward the Water Demon Country. He was going to enter the Tide Abyss there and spend all his effort searching for Zhou Yi!

Zhou Yi was his benefactor, so w.a.n.g Lin had to save him!

“Aside from saving senior Zhou Yi, there is also… Wealth…” As w.a.n.g Lin teleported, his eyes lit up. Back then, during the tide phase, he clearly remembered seeing Wealth flash by him… Several days later, in the western part of the Water Demon Country, at a place that was called the Cloud Sea. This place was covered in clouds most of the year. There was a crack on the ground deep inside the sea of clouds that extended for countless kilometers. This was one of the entrances to the Tide Abyss!

Four cultivators, two men and two women, stood outside the sea of clouds and looked inside!


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