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Chapter 109 – Flamed Fan Dance

This chapter was sponsored by William w.a.n.g, Matthew Luther, Phillip Berger, Vesa Kivisto and Akasch Ghotra! Thanks!

TL: Alright this is the long awaited chapter 109. How do you like it? (Comment below if the past tense is worth it)

After walking for a few minutes along the edge of the forest, I arrived at the edge of the Green Qilin Abyss. It really was a bottomless void, with no apparent way to reach the base. The walls of rock were smooth,sleek, and covered with moss. The rock underneath also seemed to be pretty solid; hardly cracking at all when tested with my Jade City Sword. My plan of slowly climbing down into the Abyss by stabbing into it’s walls was a bust.


I sat at the Abyss’ edge and peered into its depths. I could make out faint red dots deep inside. These must have been the monsters that sp.a.w.n in the Green Qilin Abyss. Unfortunately, the distance that separated us was too great. That was fine though. What I had cared about most as of then was finding the Green Qilin Gra.s.s. Since the time I entered Green Qilin Valley, I had not seen even a single blade of it. If Green Qilin Gra.s.s really does grow in this region, then it must be in the Green Qilin Abyss.



It was a message from General Li Mu, who I had not talked to for quite some time. “Haha. Brother Xiao Yao. I hear you PKed against players from [Wrath of the Heroes] in a remote region?”

I replied: “Hmm? Your connections are pretty good….”

Li Mu laughed, “Actually… It was a member of [Wrath of the Heroes] who announced the news. There’s already a video of the fight on the forums. You youngsters are really popular…”

I paused for a second, speechless, “Hey, don’t mock me! I’m being hunted to my wit’s end. This is the kind of popularity that I really don’t want. Oh right! Your guild has been established for quite some time already. Is it doing well? How’s recruitment going?”

Li Mu replied with a hint of pride, “ Over the past few days, we have organized small parties to level up our guild. We’re now level 2, and have almost 300 guild members. We hit our membership limit just this morning. Almost everyone has already received their second promotion. Our only problem is that we don’t have many healers. Only 7 have received their second promotion…”

I was amazed, “That’s pretty good. With 300 second promoted players, you can seize control of Ba Huang City…. ”

Li Mu laughed: “Don’t exaggerate so much. The second helmets have already been shipped, it is said that in Ba Huang City the enrollment in [Prague], [Vanguard], and [Flying Dragon] have already recruited 10 thousand. Once a guild war starts, 300 players is far from enough.”

I replied: “Then you should continue to work on leveling up your guild. Reach level 5 as soon as possible to raise your membership limit to 10 thousand… If you can reach ten thousand members, [Prague], [Vanguard], and [Flying Dragon] will have some compet.i.tion!”

“Ok, we’ll do our best!” Li Mu’s voice suddenly dropped, becoming serious. “Xiao Yao, I’d like to ask you one last time. Would you like to join [Valiant Bravery]? I can make you Vice Guild Master and you’ll still be able to do whatever you want.”

I shook my head with a smile, “Brother Li Mu. You don’t need to worry about me. My character isn’t suited for guilds. I really don’t like being restricted. I don’t think I’ll ever join a guild… “

Li Mu nodded: “Alright. We can’t force you to join if you don’t want to. But, we’ll still forever be your friends!”


He continued: “You’ll have to be careful at Green Qilin Valley…. I don’t want to reopen my friends list later and suddenly see you below level 40….”



Closing the messenger, I sighed. I still had not found a way to get into the Abyss. Suddenly, the beautiful Miss Wan Er messaged me: “Um… Xiao Yao? Sorry for bothering you but….”

“What’s up, Wan Er? “

“Dong Cheng and I received a timed quest, so we cannot log off anytime soon. When we finish our mission, I will notify you and we can eat then. Is that okay?”

“Um… Ok”

“Hehe. Great! Then I’ll go back to work!”

“Good bye, talk to you later!”



Lin Wan Er still has a quest and can’t log off; That isn’t too bad because now I have more time to figure out how to enter the Green Qilin Abyss

“Drip drip drip”

An unexpected spring shower filled the air with the soft pitter-patter of rain. This region’s climate was supposed to be mild and spring-like throughout the year. Typically, the seasons of followed those of real life. Currently, it is autumn. However, there were exceptions. Some regions had their own climate, separate from the rest of Destiny. For example, in Dragon City, the climate resembled something like late autumn and early winter. In Ba Huang Forest, it was always summer. In Green Qilin Valley, it was always spring.

Lifting my head, I allowed the light drizzle wash over my face and I pursed my lips. How the h.e.l.l am I supposed to get down to that d*mn place? My frustration bordered on insanity.


A light breeze picked up and flowed through the Abyss, dispersing the dense fog. Almost instantly, I spotted something moving. It— It seems to be a cl.u.s.ter of vines suspended in thin air! The long, green strips of growth extended deep into the dark Abyss. Where had these vines came from? How had I not noticed them before!

I lifted my head and immediately felt relieved. There was an absolutely gargantuan tree on the other side of the Abyss. Its trunk appeared to reach at least ten meters across and stretched vertically for several hundred meters. Its lush branches and tendrils hung over the Abyss, dropping numerous vines into the dark void. Eh , it appears that I had to use these vines if I want to enter the Green Qilin Abyss.

I made my way around the Abyss until I arrived at the tree. I attempted to climb it, but there was some kind of sap on the trunk, making it extremely slippery. I repeatedly slid back down after each attempt. Climbing the tree with my bare hands was definitely not possible.

Looking over the abyss, the closest vine was still 30 meters out from the edge. It was way past my reach!


I was conflicted. Part of me wanted to jump out and try to grab the vine and part of me did not dare to. It was just like when I sat next to Lin Wan Er in cla.s.s. Seeing her snow white small hands at my side, I wanted to hold them and at the same time, I did not dare to. If I really did hold her hand and Lin Tian Nan had found out, I would be screwed!

Clenching my teeth, I threw caution at the wind. I would only die once from falling. What’s the big deal!

Jade City Sword’s scabbard in hand, I tightened my cloak and secured the ancient stone tablet to my back. After backing up about ten meters, I peered through the rain and locked my sight onto the vine that I needed to grab. I sprinted as fast as I possibly could and used my own momentum to propel myself off the edge of the cliff. It was time to gamble. Go!


My Silver Locked Battle Boots almost broke off a giant rock at the edge of the abyss as I pushed myself off. I extended my body horizontally and opened my hands in the antic.i.p.ation of grasping at the green vine!

Wait…. My body was falling too fast and the wind was blowing against me…. d.a.m.n it! With these factors, the green vine was getting farther and farther away from me. I needed to change my approach!

The wind was blowing right into my face, which made it almost impossible for me to keep my eyes opened. I started to panic, swinging my arms wildly while hoping to grasp onto a life saving vine!


My palm had somehow grasped onto one of the vines but the spring rain had made it unusually slippery, so I keep on sliding down the vine. The vine’s leaves and thorns were ripping pieces of skin off my palm. A sequence of damage numbers was appearing on top of my head; this was really stupid——





With a bang, the vine slipped out of my grasp and I started to free fall once again. I forced open my eyes and grabbed onto another vine. d.a.m.n it, I was still falling too fast! Hurriedly, I wrapped the vines around my arm in panic, pulled, and yelled, “My father in heaven, give me power!”

My body bounced and then it stopped in the air. Phew, I finally stopped. My body was waving around in the air and the Ancient Tablet glowed behind my back, as if it had been taunting me!

Slowly releasing my grip, I continued sliding down. The bottom of the abyss turned out to be closer than it seemed. The depth was about 300 meters and the green vine ended about 20 meters before the bottom.

I tightly gripped the vine and furrowed my eyebrows. I could already see monsters at the bottom of the abyss. It was a blood red monster, Flaming Cat Spirit. It looked like an adorable little kitten, but was the same size as that of a tiger. “Meow Meow” Its body was surrounded by a magnificent and lush fur. However, I knew its appearance was a facade because I could already read the monster’s attributes ——

【Flaming Cat Spirit】(Elite Monster)





Skills:【Sweeping Claws】【Flame Fan Dance】

Description:The Flaming Cat Spirit is a mysterious creature with flame attributes. It is said that it is an ancestor of the Felidae family. Its claws are capable of splitting boulders due to its abnormal strength, and it uses its deceptively adorable appearance to lure and confuse prey. The Flaming Cat Spirit is extremely skilled in controlling the fire element. Be careful when dealing with these creatures, or you may find yourself burned to a crisp.

TL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Felidae


“Go! Let’s slaughter this Flaming Cat Spirit before doing anything else!”

I ordered myself to move and jump down to fight the kitty. As I fell, I drew my Jade City Sword. On the tip, 4 golden hexagons appeared as I launched a Lv 5 [Combo] on the Flaming Cat Spirit’s body.

“Meow meow….”

Flaming Cat Spirit cried as it recoiled. A big chunk of its health disappeared——





The cat’s defense was pretty ordinary. I could even say it was lacking. This was going to be easy!

I happily brandished my sword and continued my attacks. The Cat stared at me with watery eyes and suddenly swung its sharp paws. A fierce heat burned my face and four cat claw scratches appeared——


Gasp. What was with that attack power?! My jaw dropped!

I swung my blade horizontally and I activated my [Combo]!

“Pak pak” I randomly swung at the cat and the Cat Spirit’s health kept falling but I was still in a precarious position. With one hit, my health dropped 25% which was extremely frightening. I retreated and activated [Binding Chains].


Chains burst out from the floor but the Cat Spirit’s movement speed was too fast for the chains to bind!

But, the chains remained in the air and the cat meowed at it; it retaliated to the chains by swinging both its claws and casting a skill.


Lines of fire appeared in a fan shape. This must have been the [Flame Fan Dance]. Baby Bobo was inside of the attack range!



Looking at the damage number, I was flabbergasted. This was the attack power of a level 52 monster? In a flash, my elite pet was on the verge of death….

Quickly, I rushed forward and used [Fierce Ice Blade] + [Combo]. The Flaming Cat Spirit continued to meow but it quickly fell. 12 silver coins and a Bronze leather helmet dropped. The helmet’s attributes were pretty good. With the Flaming Spirit Cat’s death, my experience bar rose sharply. One more and I will have reached level 46!


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