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Chapter 137 – Super RMB Warrior

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Dong Cheng Feng smiled: “It seems like Lei will now settle down in the game. Li Xiao Yao, please take care of this little fool….”

I nodded: “Don’t worry, Uncle Dong Cheng.”

Dong Cheng Feng inspected me with his eyes and said with a smile, “To be able to take a blow from Lei and still remain calm. It looks like what Yue said about you being strong was not a lie.”

I simply smiled and then looked at Dong Cheng Lei: “Your ID is called Cang Lei, right?”

“Yes, Brother!”

That silly boy, Dong Cheng Lei, really considered me as a brother now …

“Alright, after we get back to the game, I will add you to my friends list and introduce you to everyone. I’d also like to let you know that starting today, you can Lv up together with the rest of us.”

“Great, that’s great!” Dong Cheng Lei said, excitement pouring out of him. He grasped Dong Cheng Yue’s small hands and exclaimed, “Yue, now I have a team! Did you see! Somebody already wants me…”

Dong Cheng Yue was astonished, and then chuckled: “OK Brother, just don’t cause any trouble there in Zhan Long. You wouldn’t want to put Xiao Yao in a tight spot, now would you?”

“Yes, I know!”


The banquet finished around 10 in the evening. Dong Cheng Feng and Dong Cheng Lei, accompanied by 4 bodyguards, took a Mercedes Benz and left. Meanwhile, I escorted Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue back to school. In general, the meal was very good. I felt like I was going to die from being too bloated…

The two ladies went upstairs and I immediately returned back to the male dorm to get online to find Song Han——


I appeared in Ba Huang Forest with the Frost Rain Sword in my hand and the Ancient Tablet on my back. I joined Wolf’s party and quickly rushed towards the direction of the four of them. The team channel opened up as Darling Duck’s voice reverberated——

“Boss, you’re finally online. Hmm, we almost died waiting…”

“What’s the problem, can’t you four take out a Lv 54 Elite Monster?”

“Actually, we can, but it takes time. It’s also exceptionally dangerous. Just now, the monster stormed Old K with critical hits and almost caused him to die. His health is way too low…”

Old K’s face was red with shame: “This is, this is the consequence of pursuing high damage…”

“Your damage is not high…” Darling Duck teased, “Big Boss’ attacks do over a thousand already; yet your axes only do 200-500 damage. Is that the result of pursuing high damage…”

Old K couldn’t find anything to say, so Wolf defended him: “Although Old K added all his points to strength, he is still poorly equipped. Also, Xiao Yao is 11 Lvs higher than him. Brother Xiao Yao has the Purple Tier Frost Rain Sword and Purple Tier Fire Beacon Helmet and the rest are basically Gold Tier equipments. The difference is too great to compare…”

I glanced down at my own equipment and laughed: “You think too highly of me. My bracers, boots, leg guards, and rings are all Silver Tier. Only my chest plate is Gold Tier. Unlike Jian Feng Han and Soaring Dragon, who have the backing of their respective guilds, I cannot make use of your efforts to my own advantage.”

Darling Duck replied, “Boss, come here quickly. We are waiting for you!”

“Wait a sec, one more thing. Earlier this evening, I went out to dinner and recruited another strong player for Zhan Long. Wait a minute, and I’ll invite this fierce fighter into the party.”

Darling Ducky: “Boss is really amazing…”

Old K sighed: “Dang, you just had a meal and suddenly recruited a player for the studio. Maybe, I can also recruit one after using a toilet…”

I squinted my eyes: “Making fun of your boss? Old K you should know the consequences for that…”

Old K shivered: “Big Boss is the strongest under the heaven!”


I stopped chatting with my team and then used my friend finder to search for Cang Lei, the Lv 44 Berserker. He was online. I sent him a friend request along with a message saying, “I am Li Xiao Yao. Lei, add me!”

After a few seconds, he confirmed my friend request and called me with a smile: “Brother Xiao Yao, you have such a high Lv and are one of Ba Huang city’s top players. Good job!”

I answered, “Yeah. Lei, you’re pretty far away, but I’ll invite you to the party. We’ll chat with everybody!”


I invited him to the party from my friends list and after several seconds, we became a 6-man team. It was quite unfortunate that Dong Cheng Lei couldn’t share the quest with us. With me and Dong Cheng Lei finally in, the team chat channel exploded——

Wolf: “Eh… A Lv 44 Berserker? Holy Cow!”

Dong Cheng Lei: “Hey, h.e.l.lo everybody! I’m Li Xiao Yao’s brother. My name is Dong Cheng Lei, but call me Cang Lei online…”

Old K: “Cang Lei? Sounds familiar. Oh yeah, is he part of the Cang Tong, Cang Yue family?”

I replied, “Yeah, Cang Lei is Cang Yue’s brother. She’s the one you know as Dong Cheng Yue. Lei’s ID and Dong Cheng Yue’s ID are almost the same, everyone can see it. Let’s add everyone to our friends lists since we are all a team!”

Darling Duck said with a smile, “Brother Cang Lei!”

Dong Cheng Lei answered back: “Sister Water, I don’t know how to say the other three characters in your name, father hasn’t taught me how to read them…”

TL: There are 4 characters in Darling Duck’s name – 凫水囡囡 and the second one is water

Darling Duck: “…”

I followed up, “Lei, tomorrow you should come to Ba Huang City from Jiu Li City. Zhan Long’s base is in Ba Huang City;we’ll be staying here for now.”

Dong Cheng Lei: “Okay, Brother Xiao Yao!”

“Oh right…” Then I said, “What are your equipment and skills? Remember to share it with us so Fox can record it. Everyone must understand each others capabilities.”

Cheng Lei smiled and quickly shared his equipment and skill data in the team chat——

SS Skill [Super Strength]: Receives level * 2 base points of strength

[Fire Axe], [Flame Axe], [Penetration], [Rage], [Heavy Strike] are all LV-5.

Weapon: Garnet Axe, Lv 42 Gold Tier


Spirit Helmet, Lv 40 Gold Tier

Nine Practice Chest Plate, Lv 43 Gold Tier

Mountain String Wristband, Lv 37 Gold Tier

Famous Shin Guard, Lv 41 Gold Tier

Blue Lightning Boots, Lv 44 Gold Tier

Rhodospirillum Ring, Lv 43 Gold Tier

Beast Weed Necklace, Lv 41 Gold Tier

Overall attributes——

Attack Damage: 1279-1675

Defense: 1104

Health: 2470

Mana: 878

Charm Value: 17


Wolf cried out in surprise: “What is this? Is this what the overall stats of a Lv 44 Berserker looks like? This kind of strength completely overpowers most of Ba Huang City’s top players!”

Old K shivered, “His equipment is really high-end… Ah, even his attack has almost reached 1900. Cang Lei’s gear is really too powerful. If I had just one Gold Tier equipment, I could die peacefully.”

Darling Duck’s lips trembled: “Geez, his defense and health points are higher than Boss’. Is this really a Berserker?”

I said helplessly, “Cang Lei is fully equipped with Gold Tier gear. If you account for my Fire Beacon Helmet and replace my Silver Tier equipment with Gold Tier equipment, my defense should be better than Cang Lei’s…”

Song Han asked, “Lei, are you procuring your own equipment, or?”

Dong Cheng Lei gave a silly smile: “No, I bought these at the Auction House in Fan Shu City. My father gave me a lot of money to buy good equips, saying “As long as you’re happy.” Sister Yue also helped me pick a few equips, like the Blue Lightning Boots and the Rhodospirillum Ring, which she bought for me. Ha ha ha, aren’t these equips pretty good?”

I agreed: “Yes, this whole set would cost about 100k RMB at the present stage. How much money did your father provide for you to spend that leisurely…”

Dong Cheng Lei, “I don’t know how to count. Brother Xiao Yao, help me have a look…”


Dong Cheng Lei’s bank account balance was shared in the team chat, terrifying the poor Zhan Long Studio——

Account Balance: 52,478,994.00 Yuan


“This is cheating….” Wolf’s face was pale with shock: “This is just Lei’s pocket money? It’s 5000W+! My father only gave me 200 Yuan a month for school expenses. As for the rest, I had to work for it. This is ridiculous! This is injustice!”

Old K laughed: “He can leech off his dad more than you can, Wolf. You lose. Make sure you get along with him in the future! Lei’s leaving Fan Shu City tomorrow and coming to Ba Huang City. Our team’s DPS is gonna spike! Before all this it was Little Wolf and I who held the team on our backs; Fox’s gunshots might as well not have existed. Tomorrow with Lei here, we’ll be finishing off similar-Lvl monsters within 3 Axe hacks. It’s going to be so beautiful!”

Dong Cheng Lei was somewhat surprised: “Brother Xiao Yao, do you guys have bad equipment?”

I responded, “Well, we’re starting from scratch. We have no money to buy equipment, so everything we have, we found by ourselves. With such equipment, our total damage and defense capabilities are slightly lower.”

Dong Cheng Lei laughed: “That’s not a problem. Tomorrow, I’ll buy equipment for everyone to make you guys stronger! Brother Xiao Yao’s brothers are my brothers too!”

Wolf: “…”

Old K: “…”

I strongly opposed, “Don’t mention that again. Lei, you don’t need to buy us equipment nor provide us with game items. You can purchase things for yourself, but not for us. We are a team because we want to protect each other, not to take any items from you, okay?”

Dong Cheng Lei panicked: “That, I won’t say that again, don’t be angry Brother Xiao Yao. I won’t say it again…”

Both Wolf and Old K laughed, while Fox smilingly said, “This silly boy, he really treats Li Xiao Yao as his brother…”

Me: “Well, you are now on my friends list. Lei, you should go to Ba Huang City tomorrow to exchange your Jiu Li city emblem and then we’ll train together after that. I think that should be all for now and let’s stop chatting. We will continue Lving here first, so you should do the same.”

“Okay, I’ll go now Brother Xiao Yao!”

“Go ahead~”


Dong Cheng Lei left while everyone was still talking in the team chat——

Wolf: “Brother Xiao Yao, about Dong Cheng Lei… What about him?”

I smiled: “Dong Cheng Yue’s father is Dong Cheng Feng and Dong Cheng Lei is his adopted son and Yue’s adopted elder brother. Dong Cheng Lei’s thinking is very simple, so please do not bully him later on, or else I’ll hold it against you…”

Old K said, “To give an adopted child so much money, Dong Cheng Feng really dotes on him….”

I nodded: “He really treats him as his own. Even Dong Cheng Yue is quite good to him. By the way, what is everyone’s opinion about Dong Cheng Lei joining us? ”

Wolf answered, “A super RMB warrior joined our group; this is definitely a good thing for our Zhan Long studio. Hey, this will also help us become more popular!”

Fox agreed and said with a smile, “A hundred advantages but no harm!”

Me: “Well then, so be it. You guys wait for me, and we will continue to sweep the Cave of Despair in 20 minutes! ”



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